The invite had gone out from the Caldarium MCC to Centre 12 to join them on their Egg run. And being the friendly type we are, we decided to help as well.

The Centre 14 posse of Anne, Annya and myself met at Box hill at 9.30, loaded with Easter eggs and in my case also a tent, but more on that later.  

bikes.JPG (127878 bytes)

Having to meet up in Oxfordshire in less than an hour entailed a blast up the motorway. The welcoming site at the “Three pigeons” of a vast array of bikes and steaming mugs of tea soon cheered us. FFFF-Pete then lead us down some fantastic country lanes and roads to the Plough at Arncott where the Caldarium MCC were hosting their weekend rally. Here we passed our eggs to a giant chicken, the press took photographs, and off we went following a 6’ pink rabbit, and no I didn’t ask if his name was Harvey.  

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The run was very well marshalled and with police escorts the assembled masses (didn’t get to count the bikes but there must have been well in excess of 150) made good progress. John and FFF-Pete helped marshal the convoy and they to seemed to enjoy the privilege of chasing after the police bikes J

 Stops were made along the way to deliver the eggs and gifts to the various schools, but reaching the 2nd of the schools Myself, Dave, Annya and Anne decided to head back to the Three Pigeons for some nosh and a rest. Now the only problem here being that we had no idea where we were, and they nominated myself to lead.

However almost quite professionally I did find our way back, a good hearty meal and a good chin wag around an open fire and then the others left me in the pub, while I put up my tent and went off to make some new friends.

The reasoning behind this being one of the forums I venture onto on the internet were having their own meet at the same pub, never having met any of these characters in the flesh was to say the least interesting. Ewok I recognised instantly, it was a shame not to meet Friar Tuck

ewok.JPG (110090 bytes) ft.JPG (172216 bytes)

Some had travelled nearly 200 miles just to be there. With a few Vultures for company as well it was a good mix of friends new and old.

There was a good group on and the chat and ale flowed into the wee small hours, there was also a very strange incident as one young lady keeled over in the early hours, and ambulance was called and her and her blonde friend, who I never got the number of, went to the hospital. I then fell over tents to my pit. Only to be rudely reminded that the hour went forward, it was now very, very late as I crashed in my tent for an incredibly cold nights sleep.  

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Next morning saw me awake far too early, but just as the girls were coming back from the hospital, but strangely bright eyed and busy tailed and so I packed up and headed off home, getting in two more “Landmarks” on the way home.

All told a rich and varied weekend. My first night under canvas this year, roll on the Jump Start and the seasons bigger rallies.