Blackpool October 22

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Meeting on m40    at Black pool           Jimmy, Sheltie, ewok, slob 

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Santa            freak               the tower

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The Hotel                tram                   Lake windermere           


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Bike Park        Jonny with hair         Krammer, Jay, Spike

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                          Jacko, Jimmy, Ewok, Sheltie, Santa, Saxman, Abb                Kirk at bar             Jonny Losing hair      


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Nearly Gone    Slob and the waxing   In the shazron bar

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Friar tuck      Jonny & Yoda    Bar

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Baglady and yoda   saxman, abb, ewok, sheltie    Mrs R and Mitch

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Shirley            Critch spitting flames

100% Biker Forum

Blackpool party 22nd October 2005


It seems so long ago now when the party was first thought of for the regulars of the 100% forum (, click on forums and say “Fayji” sent you).

Pat illustrious editor of 100% Biker and guiding light of its forum suggested a weekend gathering in Blackpool, staying at the Regent Hotel, which is run by Jax another member of the forum.

The months flew by and finally we were nearly there, Friar Tuck had thrown the Challenge to reach 10,000 posts by the date, a challenge/decision I was stupid enough to take up. And the doctor had put me on antibiotics the day before, oh joy a dry weekend.

Fingers worn to a stump after completing the mammoth effort, Friday morning I met with Slob at nearby services and we headed up north. Stopping briefly to meet Freak and Jimmy Moonlight. Now we were four and they volunteered me to lead, and as I did so the sun eventually came out, and the traffic was horrid, I shall never again curse about the M25 as the M6 is far worse.

There were already several Forum members there on our arrival, and the party wasn’t due till Saturday. Sheltie had ridden down from Shetland, a challenge to say the least 600 miles and a long ferry journey, it certainly put our 260 miles into perspective. For such a mammoth effort he was to be given the Long Distance T shirt.

Having found the Chinese, and bellies full the evening carried on with witty repartee and gay badinage until the wee small hours, though I was a kip long before the 3am kebab soiree. Some time in the evening Saxman arrived bearing “the gift” and all were afraid of the bag that seemed to have a life of its own.

(“The Gift” is a Forum tradition and moves from member to member who has to add something on, and then pass it to another forum member)

Saturday and it ha to be said there were some very ill looking people at Breakfast, but as the sun was out I ventured to the Lake District, only to be soaked and frozen to the bone. The trip was curtailed early as I dropped my bike in a farm car park, thankfully only pride damaged.

Back at the Regent the drinking was in full flow, and more and more members arrived. Jax had arranged for a few couples to be put up at a hotel just over the road, in “The Shazron”, so mob handed we went for a beer over there as well.

However just before this the bag sprung forth its evil contents and I was awarded the forum gift, oh gee thanks Saxman, I am not sure it’s an honour or a onerous task.

More grub and then we had a charity head shave for Joanna’s wish, and Jonny was even brave enough to have his chest cold waxed. A raffle found me winning chrome bits and the whole evening was filled with laughter.

 Sadly this will be Pat and Rik’s last official engagement for 100% and the farewell was a little emotional, we all wish them well for the future.

Waving Jax and family a fond farewell, I led 8 bikes down to the motorway only to lose them all at the first services as their bladders gave in.  

Mind you i then went wrong trying a shortcut via Coventry, at least the scenery was pretty.

An absolutely brilliant weekend, I look forward to January, (when I can pass on the gift, which as I speak lurks menacingly in the corner).


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