October 9th 2005


Another really good to be alive sunny autumn day (I just love the autumn) and I headed off to Dorking to the Autumn Harley Boot Fair, Nothing tempted the money from my wallet, but there were some cracking bikes there, a modified Indian (which I’m sure has been in 100% or BSH) was such a pretty bike I could have stood there for ages.

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However the call of the sea was in my nostrils, and through the prettiest roads I could find, I made my way down to Brighton and an event called “Brightona”. The event is run for charity, and the Brighton Heart Support trust.

£5 gained access and a pin badge and program, being a little late, there were bikes everywhere, the first people I saw was a mate called Yoda from and FFFPete from the Vultures. I then found a space to park and wandered back to meet.

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There were several stalls there,and sad to say the cleaning products stand earned some of my dosh. I then met Yoda, Jonny fp, Mia and kids, a pleasant stroll was taken perusing bikes, and trying to work out which bike had less rubber on its rear tyre, a TL1000 may have won that. There was a Honda Rune, and several new Royal Star venture, all imports but very pretty.

The bands on the stage were good, even with the temperamental PA system

The Goldwings seemed to go on forever but were a very impressive sight.

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Lunch called, and so chocolate bar and coke was found, and I watched as FFFPete tries to extricate money from his jeans, well if anyone had a smutty mind you were well away.

Paul and Christine surprised me by calling me, they were at the other end of the drive, and I found them in the crowd, and then to a beer, and get out of the sun for a short while.

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Then another short stroll, and as Paul and Christine headed off for food, I headed home. An intentionally very long way home, via Eastbourne etc.

A very pleasant day out, and sunburnt as well, not bad for October