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Czech Trip July 23rd /Aug 6th 2003


Once upon a time in there was a beautiful warrior princess known to all as Helga (but for out tale we shall call her Anne) and with her 3 henchmen of the 1100’s (AKA Dave, Paul and Sean) she lead a vanguard of the hordes of the VSOC across northern and Eastern Europe. Forever it seemed chasing the mad Count Otto, he of the golden loudhailer.

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Through fire, floods Noah would have appreciated, petulance (yes I do mean petulance) and pretty little villages for light snacks and postcards, the massed forces rode unrelenting in their quest. However to be halted at the border, bravely we let the count lead and he pleaded on our behalf, and so we were off again to be greeted by many a young (?) lady by the wayside until we reached a selection of garden sheds positioned by a lake in the ancient land of bohemia.

A land that belonged; to the most stunningly attractive females seen this side of Penge, and more blood-sucking Mosquitoes than you have ever seen.

Accommodation sorted, gear packed away and arguments over who was sleeping in which bed over it was time to party and eat.

As the sun set the first night over the lake, an incandescent green glow shone from it, we also found the natives indeed were friendly and with the beer at 20p a pint it made for the first of several relaxed and convivial evenings. I even got to like some of the people from up north… I think it was the beer J

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The next day being a rest day, the combined forces did what any good bikers should do: swam in the lake (ignoring fears of possible mutation in the green water), sunbathed, walked to the local town for a little light shopping, received parking tickets, and geared up for a nice meal in the evening. The meals in town were excellent and so cheap you would not believe. The taxi ride a roller coaster, white-knuckle ride if ever there was.

Rest day over and for those not topping up tans the rest went off to visit Cesky Krumlov, a castle town not too far away. Whereupon to go ooh and aah, at the architecture and purchase a light luncheon and nick knacks from those that pedalled their wares for the weary traveller.

More food on the way back, then more beer on the return to the site, hoorah!

Now this corner of bohemia is a land of lakes, and as is natures way they are filled by light precipitation, or in our case 30 minute deluges, sodden and bedraggled we walked back to site, sadly to miss the ride out as first degree hypothermia cut in. (all say aah now), in the evening the meal was traditional, very rich and with sweet stodgy dumplings.

Anne and the count decided a 3 pronged attack on the countries capital Prague was a damn fine idea, so via coach and 2 elite teams of highly trained and navigationally bemused riders we set off in the blistering heat. The Praguarian’s were however wise to this ploy and along the way laid carefully planted traps of awful roads, cobbled streets, tramlines and slippery tiled surfaces. Undeterred we reached our destination and in various groups we went and did light shopping, touristy bits and climbed umpteen stairs to find a castle, and had meals at outdoor bars watching the girls world go by.

Prague has to be one of the prettiest cities I have ever visited, and as night fell it takes on a different persona, so myself, Paul and Sean walked miles around (yes you heard that right Christine, Paul walked) watching the lights come on, listen to street musicians and find Irish themed bars… well it made sense at the time.

The following day the parties split as some of us went looking around Prague some more and finding a Yamaha dealer (with and ace range of star goodies, which you don’t find in the UK do you) for a few spares. The others having gone off to party at a spa town 150 miles away, we headed back to site for an impromptu party on site, where some from up north showed all, their combined skills at synchronised singing and falling asleep in the bar. And I found out Tequila and Czech coffees are equally horrible.

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Friday came and so it was time for the fancy dress party. Though we were already worried about some of the fancy dress already on site, and a certain male centre reps penchant towards female swimming attire. There was cleavage to be seen everywhere and not all on females, there were cavemen, monks, pilots, punks, Arab’s, Batman and Robin (or was it Delboy and Rodney?) and of course those nurses!!!

There was a cracking band who despite their lead singer not turning up, gave it large, with covers of a rich mixture of music both English and Czech, the whole site (even the grumpy Dutch) were up and dancing until the wee small hours.

The strange thing was the amount of requests that I received for photos from the Dutch and others; obviously my monk’s outfit impressed them. Nick won the contest though not even he knew what he went as, and Otto handed out prizes for best parking ticket, best bike crash etc etc.


After a final days rest and relaxation, and with the start of the heat wave upon us we had a BBQ in the evening and had early nights before saying cheerio to our hosts and our chalets, 3 very hot days ride back.  The last day we split into smaller groups and led by “wing Commander Al “ we were soon back at Calais for a leisurely cruise home.

Some 2000 plus miles, I was apprehensive before we left home, but now I’m itching for my next long run abroad.

Many thanks to Otto and Lyn for their hard work in organising it all; Anne for leading our group, and all our friends, for making it such a good trip.



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