Denmark 2002



   DENMARK 2002


(a.k.a Hamlet revisited )



Steve had the right plan, and directions, “Ride 672 miles from Calais or take the boat from Harwich?” he asked. Harwich was the resounding answer. And Lo for there in the distance stood Elsinore castle home of Hamlet and the Princes of Denmark. “Don’t be so silly” berated Steve “that’s the blooming ferry. Get a move on or we will miss it.” Ah the delights of leadership eh.

And that’s as far as my re-education of Shakespeare’s literary masterpiece got. They’re all heathen I tell you. Bikes stowed neatly it was time to find our cabin and the bar.    And thus the magnificent 7 (Steve, Alex [Mr chicken and Chips], Al, Bob, Mary, Phil and myself) found ourselves partying on the ferry, with other like minded centre’s, on the way to Esberg, staying in sumptuous cabins, some with balconies and French windows,  while other centre’s  rode through a wet Europe to Denmark. Meanwhile we learnt the facts about Denmark in the bar from a drunken Danish biker called “Yes”. Most was forgotten the next day as I will admit to be very ill and Bob was not the best the next day either (alcohol not boats honest)

The Danes met us off the boat and along with a police escort we headed off to the site, a fantastically secluded farm tucked away in the middle of no where. Which by the looks of the photo albums was a popular venue for bike do’s. The bikes were parked in the main courtyard and provided a fantastic focal point for the whole weekend. There were several I lusted after, I did not hear if there were awards for the best bikes etc, but it would have been hard to judge. It was good to see so many early 750’s and 920’s though this is mainly as the tax is so high on new bikes in Denmark.  

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 Tents up we went off to socialise and find out about “Black Pig” an odd aniseed based vodka drink, which I became to like a lot over the weekend. The food was all provided by the Danes and it was all good filling food that was also rather tasty.

Outside there was a rolling road where they were finding who had the loudest exhaust most BHP, I have no idea who won (nothing changes there then), a few Brit’s did enter as well.

I do not know the names of the bands on either night, but they played in a large barn which had a good sized dance floor for those who liked to boogie, and plenty of tables for those which didn’t. Fridays group played a good mix of covers and all seemed to enjoy them.  

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The girls however were banished from the main hall at 11, they later found this was because they had their own male stripper in the small hall.(the men did not have a stripper male or female) As on the Saturday two of the Danes were to marry, and used the Friday as hen/stag parties. I believe the stripper had an interesting trick with a candle, though I wasn’t one of the guys who crowded around the door to watch. Once over the party was back to full swing, with a large bar it was always easy to get a beer, though I found there was always a new friend to be made each time you went there.

I know that I crashed quite early on the Friday and someone had the cheek to accuse me of snoring as well. Humph.

 As I was trying to recover on the Saturday, I then found out one of the mainstay ingredients of centre 14 life, “Red bull” (the other being a nice Cream Tea) is actually illegal in Denmark. Too many stimulants or something. Oh well.

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The plan for Saturday, originally to go to the wedding, then on a ride-out was altered as people wished to watch world cup football, which ironically happened to be England versus Denmark. A big screen was set up in the big barn for all who wished to watch, the rest of the morning was interspersed with bouts of light drizzle. I also tried my hand at the game of “Nails” which I lost with great dignity, costing me a round of “Black Pigs”.

Steve meanwhile went back for a nap, Phil however was still in hibernate mode until early afternoon ( a normal state of affairs) The others watched football.  

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So Mary and I then decided to find out a little about the area and headed off to a local village, which was deserted and mostly shut, though we did find a small supermarket for some snacks and an ice cream place. More importantly I found the way back as well.

We arrived back at the site in time to hear the score and pass round the biscuits, the decision was made that the rejects would then go on a ride-out of our own, Al had a map so he was allowed to lead. I am told we looked quite professional as we rode out, which is probably why the Dutch followed us. However we did not know they were following and so lost all bar one very soon. Alex soon showed his linguistic skills at a filling station asking a passer by where to find a nice cup of tea, and so we headed for the coast.  

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A very interesting “Green lane” route was found where we found that even Venture Stars and Royal Stars can do trail riding. The cup of tea was eventually found, ordered by Alex and so we ended up with 7 coffees, but the area was nice and the locals friendly. I am not so sure if the Dutch rider will ever want to go out with the crazy English again though. The ride back was a lot shorter and we arrived back just in time for the Hog Roast. Fully fed (with seconds and thirds) and with riding gear put away it was time to party, and boy what a party.

Saturdays group was fantastic, with a full range of covers ranging from Grease to Stevie Ray Vaughn (playing two of his songs at least so I was a very happy bunny). During the evening a bottle of Jack Daniels appeared, and then for all it was serious party time. I was even seen on the dance floor, and along with every one else had a jolly good evening. The band played on until nearly 3 and still the party carried on, I strolled back to my pit about 4 and I believe Steve made it at 6.  

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I woke up feeling good, and good didn’t mind, it was another bright sunny day, so tent down and all ready for the off. Alex found out he was featured in the local paper (there had been a TV and newspaper reporters on site) but we couldn’t find a paper for him, we waved goodbye to those who were heading off on the run to Calais and were led back by a few Danes to a meeting point near to the ferry. The café was obviously the locals favourite venues, as while we were there lots of other bikes came and went. Most dating from the 80’s but all in great condition. When did you last see 2 CX500 Eurosports in the same place next to a VF750.

Back onto the ferry a nice trip back and a very spirited ride home rounded off an ace weekend. Thanks to all involved and especially Steve Tyson (revered centre Rep) for his excellent planning of our Mini Cruise.  

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