hog 2005


Mainly ride outs but here's a few events I attended with Surrey HOG

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Ace Cafe Breakfast Run

My first HOG ride out, officially a breakfast Run, but we met at Dorking Harley at 9.30 so I had breakfast first on possibly the hottest day ever. A quick chat with the road captain's ,as this was my first trip and then we set off.  via the scenic parts of Oxshott, Esher's one way system and  Richmond park (Andy England teaching me how to be a lecherous old so and so in the process )

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Hanger lane as busy as ever but a nice trip none the less and we were soon at the ace and directed to park in a corner. Must say the parking control was a bit odd and bikes were getting boxed in. Ho hum.

Within seconds all the rest had dissapeared inside to eat, not unlike vultures to a fresh kill, as ever I went round taking snaps of things.

a while later suitably refreshed the others appeared, general moseying around for a while and then back.

By now the traffic was heavier than ever, and I'm sorry if I held anyone up coming down to the Chiswick roundabout, I was melting

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HD Europe Open Day

Saturday 30th September 2005

At a very early o clock and I was the first bike outside of Dorking HD for the run to Oxford and HD Europe's one day extravaganza.

Dave was pulling out the Soft tail Standard he was to ride ( and he makes it look like a mini moto) and so the kettle was on, and others steadily appeared, soon a goodly crowd ( about 20) of us headed off on the scenic route to Oxford, and with the first autumnal Gold's and yellow it was a very attractive ride, until we reached Reading and the roundabouts, it was not long before we were down the 5 then 4 and finally 2 of us .. oops 

Dave did a quick recee and found 2 more and after slumming for a while opposite Pangbourne Bentley trying to contact the others we head off to hopefully meet them later. 

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I cant say it was well signposted but was well marshalled with a crazed Andy leaping around with a yellow vest on.

Bikes parked we headed off to register in, and collected our free badge and orange band, and joined the end of a long queue, which we found was for coffee and doughnuts.   I did pity the girls who were trying to serve 100's of people from one small vending machine.

The weather was kind, and outside there was a small custom show, a band and a few other stands, but not much to spend your money on

There was an extraordinary amount of people in kilts, and a female piper. And for those wishing to learn the riders edge training was there, and anyone early enough could book a test ride.

The main bike parks were situated in front of other offices nearby and I spent a pleasant while perusing the various machines, it certainly does seem the Roadking is the bike of choice now, though there were plenty of oddities and serious customs around .

I then recognised the young lady marshal who was bouncing around with pink boots on, and so I chatted to Caroline for a while and then headed off to a biker party over near Dunstable, and amazingly I didn't get lost (there's a first for everything)

A pleasant diversion for a few hours, maybe not the spectacular I thought it may be, or could have been.

Next year its a 2 day event.

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Diks spooky ride out

Chislehurst caves 29th October


An absolutely glorious, late autumn day, warm, sunny and trees now showing their   gold, yellow and reds foliage.

Despite the extra hour in bed as the clocks had just turned back, most people dragged themselves wearily in. Lots of coffee later (and more Christmas party tickets sold, have you ordered yours yet?)

Rear markers coerced and we headed off, the scenery stunning and the public as impressed as ever, as we rolled by.

At the Caves and we had hour until the next tour   so everyone ordered food

With the food only arriving with moments to go speed eating was the way to go, but we all made it and followed our guide down the caves.

Given hurricane lamps to light our way (there are no lights in the system) we were given an interesting tour, from the roman age use of the caves, to the wartime, when up to 15000 people lived underground. And in the 60s there was even a rock club there that hosted some of the big names.

The caves are all manmade, dug through the limestone and chalk and they truly are a labyrinth, needless to say the only people to get lost underground on the whole tour were two from the club.

Coming back up to daylight and warmth, it is a constant 10o all year round, more coffee was found and Dik led us back bikes peeling off as we went.

With tales of murder and daring do it was certainly a different trip and a great Halloween weekend trip

More details can be found here www.chislehurstcaves.co.uk

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Lions Toy Run

Bolney to Gatwick Manor Hotel


not as cold as expected, 18 bikes left Dorking to Bolney

a wonderful old time motorcycle workshop with triumphs and old time Kawasakis etc  the bikes arriving for the ride were also a real mix with real old Ralieghs to modern Aprilla Futuras.

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I do not know the total amount of bikes but easily 200 plus

a pretty ride to Gatwick avoiding all big roads where all presents were handed in. Mince pies and coffee and then off to lunch

a pleasant morning

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Surrey HOG Christmas Cracker

Dec 10th Gatwick Manor Hotel

An evening of Festive frivolity and fun, with Rob Paston's Disco ( anyone playing Joe Satriani and Dr Feelgood is OK by me )

and the group Copperhead  who played a blinding set, I was even seen to be on the dance floor for a while.

Sadly didn't win the raffle, better luck next time.

A great do.. thanks Andy and Co for organising it .


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Roll on 2006 for more