For once now strange tales, and no long preamble from me, this certainly has to be one of the most chilled out, laidback, intimate, enjoyable and friendly weekends I have ever yet had the pleasure of enjoying with the VSOC.

Sadly no one else from our centre managed to get a ticket (and after this weekend I can see why they sell out so quick, especially with a 120 ticket limit) so on St Georges day with the sun shining I headed up the motorways, via a short stop in Stratford upon Avon, for a landmark photo, and following the excellent signs down pretty little roads found the Cock Inn at Great Budworth.

Turning into the camping field who do I first clap eyes on, no not a friendly northern reception committee (though they were soon on the scene) Roger, Dave, Mary, spider and co from The Axemen, is nowhere safe from the Solent crew?

field.JPG (1083901 bytes)

Tent up and off to the bar, and life just got better Mild at £1.30 a pint, surely I had died and gone to heaven, bitter was only £1.35.  The pub has a plethora of bars and the staff (Ali, Rose, Linda and Margaret) were all kept very busy pulling pints and serving food till very late.

The best thing with a club such as ours even if you are on your own its not long before you are deep into conversation with new friends and renewing friendships with people you may only have bumped into once in a while.

The Outriders arrived not long after and the party was soon in full swing.  

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We were to be blessed with the kind of weather that you could only dream of, warm, sunny and many an hour was spent mulling over diverse topics outside till the late hours. Oh and raiding sweeties from “The Bikers Mum” Stall.

Friday was a group called “The Radiators” and they played a stonking set, the packed function room was buzzing, not believing this could be topped Saturdays band “The Jalepeno’s” just blew everyone away, with a fantastic rock n roll and mixed set, their version of “Milk and Alcohol” was something else.

Saturday and after a buttie and several cups of tea I set off to meet my brother some 30 miles away (and amazingly didn’t get lost) and to photograph Jodrell bank another landmark., the others went on a ride out to North Wales or investigated the nearby Ice Cream factory.

The rest of my afternoon spent chilling on the field and getting sun burnt.

Sunday morning sadly time to do, and as I emerged from my tent I was greeted to the most superb morning ever. The sun was rising gently slowly warming us all, the field was a lush verdant green, the surrounding hills swathed in a light mist, the birds were singing it was almost like stepping into a watercolour. If such a day was an Advert you most certainly would have had “Morning” by Grieg from Peer Gynt playing in the Background.  

morning.JPG (78633 bytes)

Saying my farewells I headed back down south, on busy motorways but somehow totally relaxed and at peace with the world.

Now I know why the Jumpstart is getting the reputation it has (but shhh don’t tell everyone or else I’ll never get another ticket), will I be there again you bet.

Thanks to all who made it such a special weekend, Joy and here crew who worked hard on the organising it, and all the other club members who made it so special

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