Back in 2004 I decided to run my version of Landmarks. The idea being to get your bike photographed by these landmarks, most of them on the way too and from that years rallies

Needless to say apathy won the day and only 4 people took part ( from a large club membership) , and one of those was me, and two cheated.

Here are the photographs I took 

1: Beachy Head. Sussex beachy head.JPG (559217 bytes)

2: Brighton Sussex

3: Jodrill Bank Cheshire

4: Leith Hill. Surrey

5: Poole Harbour. Dorset

6: Southend. Essex

7: Ace Café. ace cafe.JPG (255190 bytes)

8: Somewhere abroad,

9: Stonehenge. Stonehenge_Landmark.JPG (29657 bytes)

10: Brooklands. brooklands.JPG (457116 bytes)

11: Arundel Castle. arundel.JPG (404853 bytes)

12: Stratford upon Avon.

13: Windsor Castle windsor.JPG (99773 bytes)

14:A London Landmark big ben.JPG (911307 bytes)

15: Bluebell Railway.

16: A Windmill windmill.JPG (472627 bytes)

17: A Light House light house.JPG (298411 bytes)