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Sssh now this is a secret, so don’t tell every one, but if you want a really good, very chilled out weekend the NABD rally in Cheshire is the place to go.

The NABD “National Association of Bikers with a Disability” has been holding rallies for many years now, and at last I got to one of them, the main impetus I must say was the wedding of Gypsy and Doro from the 100% Biker Forum forum I use regularly.

On a bright blustery day I loaded Milly up and set off, 2 miles down the road I stopped and repacked the bike, I think theres more of an art loading the Harley than to the Dragstar, a pleasant cruise later, and I was at Astly park, not far from Jodrill Bank, and in some of the most picturesque surroundings ever. I set up camp behind centre 8 (more by accident than judgement) and not far from centre 6 I'm sure there were others there but I didn’t bump into them.

A quick game of kites (putting up tents in that wind was fun) and then off to find the people from the forum. Strangely they spotted me first, and we have never met, and this amongst an estimated 2100 visitors over the weekend, though it never seemed crowded.

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There were several stalls and even a mobile pole dancing club ( though I don’t think they drummed up much business) for spending your cash at, a wonderfully cheap bar and 2 large entertainment marquees, one family orientated and one more adult. Once meeting and greeting was over, and my brother arrived, it was onto serious party, “Stevie” one man and a mandolin played a blinding set, and “the beer monsters” went down storm as well. The following evening they swapped tents for slightly different sets.

With comedians and new bands there really was something for everyone, Saturday morning and the sun shone bright, it really was a perfect day for a wedding, sadly some rotten toerag had visited a lot of tents over night and spirited away cash.

The wedding was arranged for midday, and it was sort of Scottish and very personal, it was very enjoyable. Stevie even wrote a very personnal song for them which is fantastic. Then it was time to kick back and relax more, which is how most of the weekend went. Strolling around the site, there were fantastic vehicles of all shapes and sizes, and with all sorts of modifications to enable the less abled to ride them.  

A bike show sponsored by 100% Biker magazine, brought in some silverwear for some of the VSOC and a Minxy's black rat TR1 won best rat (and celebrated by catching fire on the way home. J) I really want that bike.

Another night of music and I wandered back to my pit quite early, only to be woken rudely by someone complaining about my snoring shaking my tent.

I took a very scenic route home, through some of the most beautiful countryside I have ever found, avoiding motorways, losing a map on the way, and thus getting lost.

The NABD have an autumn rally in Oxfordshire in September, but I will do my best to be at NABD15 next spring.