2007 Days out



A collection of  pictures from various travels

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Dec 29

Biker lifestyle meet in Birmingham, a 240 mile round trip for excellent laughs

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Dec 22nd

after what seemed an age a day which was ok to go out. the owners seemed to be having fun.

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Nov 25th

a quick bimble to Newlands corner and Boxhill, plenty of classics out

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Nov 24th

I at last got around to fitting my powder coated covers point and derby cover

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Nov 20th

a few days down in Devon, so another visit to the Haynes museum

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also my first visit to Bicton park, a botanical gardens with a small museum on agricultural machinery


Nov 3rd

just a quick blatt round before a trip off to the Brockham Bonfire

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Sept 12th

Saw a Dutch film crew filming at the top of Reigate Hill with a nice selection of 1930's bikes

no idea what the film would be , but a great diversion while eating your lunch.

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Aug 17th

I had to head to London for a meeting, A sunny summers day, so I dropped a camera in my pocket, the City was full of life, and the south-bank doubly so, where I bumped into Judy.

The statues are by an artist called Andrew Gormley and they all face towards the Hayward Gallery, sadly the show of his work was sold out.

the main pictures are down fleet street, and the high court

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Aug 8th

and on the way to meet members of the HDRCGB I visited Alton Railway Cafe which is becoming one of the biggest bike meets in the south on a Sunday or Wednesday evening

I found the village, but not the right pub, but on a sunny summers evening who worries anyway, a nice evening

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Aug 4th

While at the Siobhanathon I visited the Stondon Transport museum

not far from Stotfold in Bedfordshire it houses an eclectic mix of transport from army, to bikes and cars 

all in sheds around a replica of captains cooks ship the Endeavour

some exhibits are a little dusty and a bit cramped for space and its not fully disabled friendly ( a few steps and odd doors) but an interesting diversion for a while, and a nice cup of tea,

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more details on the museum here


July 8th

a sunny morning and so I rode down to Newlands corner, to see what was around, some nice old bikes

and back in time for a family pint and lunch .

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June 15

not exactly a day out, just on the way to a meeting I dropped into Richardsons, Gift shop, Ironmongers, Florists and Bike Shop in Ripley

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May 9th

on my way to the Paignton Bike show I spent a few days in Devon

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Budleigh Salterton and The Napoli off Branscombe Beach

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Branscombe and Beer, it was cold and windy

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Topsham and Lower Budleigh Birthplace of Raleigh

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Brixham, Teignmouth and Winchester

March 21st

Officially now the start of spring, and the Magnolias are trying to out bloom the Daffodils

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I do somehow pick the best days to have off, chilly yes but dry and sunny, a scenic tour down to Beachy head ,and Birling Gap, where the erosion of the sea  is really taking its toll on the cliffs. After lunch the long route back, its great on weekdays with less traffic on the road

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March 11th

a few bikes spotted in Bury Hill Carpark on my way back from a HOG ride out

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March 10th

The most glorious sunny Saturday, and it seems every bike in the south of England has come out of hibernation

A nice ride down to the coast, Selsey Windmill, Bracklesham Bay and Wittering, where we spent our childhood holidays

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at Wittering I got chatting to the owner of this 1957 Pontiac, which looked rather splendid

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then its back via bury hill where it had been very busy during the day but in the late afternoon sun there were still some nice bikes around, and one poor incontinent triton

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I was so shamed by all these clean tidy bikes I had to clean poor Milly on my return


February  17th

after a trip down to the HOG meet last Thursday, I had to head back to Dorking for a picture of the new statue they have erected, of a huge cockerel, you can make whatever puns you want from that.

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from there I just took the pretty lanes and roads down to Friday street and the Hammer pond and Home

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February 3rd

having had the 15,000 mile service done (just a few thousand miles late) I head out on a cold and frosty morning, 

looking for a windmill near Horsham, I end up in Arundel, and then Back via Hampton Court , a great blast

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January 28th

a beautifully sunny day finds me finding nice dry roads in Hampshire, half an aircraft and a steam roller

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January 27th

Great to be out on the bike again, and the brakes settling in nicely.

Kempton Autojumble, less stalls than  usual, but sunny and warm (well warmer) some right jobworths in the car park though

I'm getting worried at my liking for high pipes and springers 

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January 20th

with thanks to my brothers help, and the bike lift given as a present from my aunt I now have new brakes

but not been out on the bike yet, as shamed into cleaning her 

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January 13th morning

and no playing today as my rear brake pads fell apart  hopefully some on order soon, some say its a warranty issue may try dealer tomorrow, if not I'm going to tackle it myself 

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