Haynes Museum



A few days away in Devon, and the Haynes Museum

Just a few days away in Devon, and being January and Niece and Nephew on board I was in the car

Nearby a container ship was grounded, and traffic was chaos as people tried "scavenging" on the beach

they even got some BMW motorcycles from the containers, thankfully did not effect the rest of the beaches

though you could see where the wind had thrown rocks and sand all over the seafront.

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Still I managed to get to Riders the Harley Dealer in Bridgewater, where I saw these interesting cars outside a workshop.

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A quick trip down to the beach as well was nice, but the wind was so strong, I couldn’t find a way of getting to the stricken vessel for photo’s.

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On my return I stopped at the Haynes museum at Sparkford. Mainly Cars, but a really eclectic mix

Especially with the hot rods and big American Muscle cars

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although all the sports cars in the first room were red I was informed many had been repainted for the effect.


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Nice to see a customised model T and the full airbrushed Morris Minor as below

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ah the joys of 1980's paint jobs

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the SD rover is one of only 2 estates known to be made

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Speedway bikes below from the Forshaw Collection

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under increasingly dark skies I then headed home, with but a quick stop for a bacon butty

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