London Excell show


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Having outgrown Alexandra palace MCN moved the bike show to the London Excell Arena in Docklands,           (Superbike magazine still ran a show at Ally Pally but I didn't manage to get there.)  so I got to go on the Docklands Light Railway, it is really odd having a train with no driver.

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After a route march from the station to Excell, and then miles around inside a badly signed Excell, we find the ticket booths and we are all relieved of 16 for entry. Given a purple wristband to prove payment had been made, and let lose in the show.

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neat front end

set in three large hall, one for stunts, my first impression was  there was a lot of unfilled space, now whether this was because it was first day or not I do not know, but there was an awful lot of unfilled stand space, and very few of the large manufacturers.

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There was a presence by most companies via the different dealers, but it lacked the va va voom of last years show.

There were different "zones" for all different categories of bikes, including one for Cruisers, my first view of the new XVS1300 but I wasn't impressed.

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As ever nice young ladies came round to pass us bags of goodies, as despite the lack of people we sweated so much. I am really glad the show was not in the Summer, the halls would have been killing.

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There were a good selection of Custom Bikes, mainly on the Carol Nash Stand, which included the rather radical "Psy-Bawg" 

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over on the Harrison Brake stand was the silliest blown V8 drag bike, with no need for a side stand.

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there was however plenty of places to sit, and food places, though add London prices, and captive audience prices together and it was an ouch moment.

The police were there with their Bike safe course, and I may attend one of these soon. (i did see report later on)

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For relief at least with the wrist band system you could wander outside for fresh air.

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I didn't venture into the stunting arena, as I could hear and smell it over half of hall 2, and I knew the rubber smoke would cripple me today (curse asthma at times).

There were a few classic bikes, but even then without much back up.

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early afternoon, and with the sun shining I headed home.It had been a good day out  It may be just me but for 16 I would have preferred a few more big names there, lets see what next year brings.

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