Ribcrackers MCC Soapbox Derby and Valentines Dance

February 10th 2007

A.K.A learning to bounce

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Well it seemed a very good idea at the time, this being months before the event, as the call was put out on “Bikerlifestyle” for entries to the Ribcrackers soapbox Derbyshire. A day in Derbyshire racing soapboxes down a hill and a bit of a party after sounded fun, and very shortly I was volunteered to be a victim rider. 

Deciding that I really didn’t fancy camping in February I managed a cracking deal at a nearby ’ish’ travel lodge (for nearby read £7.50 on a cab each way ouch) and I was ready. 

During the week the weather deteriorated with snow over much of the country, discretion being the better part of valour I loaded up my little car and headed north, to snow and sleet. I still felt a bit odd not heading out on the bike, but I was glad of the added safety. 

Safely ensconced in the travel lodge there was a call from Ernie on site and a quick cab ride in the snow and I was settling into the first ale of the evening. Listening to reports of our carts progress as Freak, Kerri and Toad battled up from Gloucester.    

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P1020526.jpg (76703 bytes) P1020527.jpg (83529 bytes) P1020529.jpg (54264 bytes) P1020530.jpg (87802 bytes)

By now the track was fully snowbound, and we were wondering if sledges would be better as we helped push vans up the track, while some tried sliding down on signs. The great feeling of camaraderie as teams arrived, with tales of woe and greetings from friends.    

P1020532.jpg (75269 bytes) P1020533.jpg (87510 bytes) P1020534.jpg (89062 bytes) P1020535.jpg (82394 bytes) 

toad....ernie and kerri  .. fat maggots  

P1020540.jpg (57647 bytes)

The next morning the snow started to wash away and I made my way to the site, to be greeted by the rest of the team, and lots of forum members, some I haven’t seen for a couple of years, all keeping warm in the snow and slush.  

P1020541.jpg (87672 bytes) P1020542.jpg (82223 bytes) P1020543.jpg (85859 bytes) P1020545.jpg (91338 bytes) P1020546.jpg (87900 bytes)

back street heroes cart and Freak builder extrodinaire

With Back Street heroes there in the form of Blue and Yoda we were set for a days racing. We unloaded the carts from Freaks van, and it has to be said the Back Street Heroes cart was a thing of beauty. I even had a quick try around the car park.    

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team biker lifestyle jay/toad/me

The carts were to say the least an exotic mix, with three wheelers, four wheelers and even a canoe. With riders as eccentric as the carts it was as they say all down hill from here.    

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 Very organised each team (teams of three, two riders with one extra pusher) had two runs, there were 19 teams, and it was a great laugh.  

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By the end of the first run, there were some vehicles already damaged beyond repair, Jay who had taken the Bikerlifestyle kart down first was laying third.  

P1020565.jpg (68042 bytes) P1020566.jpg (112707 bytes) P1020567.jpg (137111 bytes) P1020568.jpg (81208 bytes)

brough tim and the flaminator 

P1020569.jpg (76434 bytes) P1020572.jpg (89590 bytes) P1020573.jpg (81983 bytes) P1020572.jpg (89590 bytes)

lyn and al  BSH team   Womble and lynn  Team BSH Krammer Ernie and spike

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P1020591.jpg (89661 bytes) P1020592.jpg (69583 bytes) P1020593.jpg (72311 bytes) P1020594.jpg (66193 bytes) P1020595.jpg (72276 bytes)

P1020596.jpg (83140 bytes) P1020597.jpg (92325 bytes) P1020598.jpg (64193 bytes) P1020599.jpg (91431 bytes) P1020600.jpg (75732 bytes)

P1020602.jpg (103607 bytes) P1020603.jpg (101897 bytes) P1020607.jpg (76891 bytes)

It was down to me now to at least hold the position.

Poised at the top of the hill, with a mighty shove I was launched, the first few yards seemed OK it was as I reached the corner of doom that it all went very very wrong, as I found out the cart did not off road well, and I ended up bouncing down the road, with the kart following me.  

IMGP0948.jpg (109263 bytes) IMGP0949.jpg (111373 bytes) IMGP0950.jpg (111505 bytes) IMGP0952.jpg (104536 bytes)

IMGP0953.jpg (100007 bytes) IMGP0954.jpg (101858 bytes) IMGP0956.jpg (106319 bytes) IMGP0957.jpg (104847 bytes)

post-263-1171237129.jpg (53832 bytes) krammer.jpg (69619 bytes)

Rescued by Lyn and Freak, who realised I was ok by the giggling, and after checking I still had all fingers I hauled myself back onto the cart and headed back down the hill.  

IMGP0958.jpg (120916 bytes) IMGP0965.jpg (120968 bytes) IMGP0968.jpg (106711 bytes)

I will say I was a bit more than tender but what a laugh.

In the end the same teams as last year (despite turning up late) won, results at the bottom of the page.  

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 team PIL      fixing a puncture      critch         BSH on the off

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P1020636.jpg (64913 bytes) P1020640.jpg (71999 bytes) P1020646.jpg (101962 bytes)

 Following awards I headed back, patched myself up and back to party, and boy the Ribcrackers know how to party, the venue was heaving, sadly there was confusion between the bands, and sharing of equipment. The main band stormed out leaving the support with a lack of equipment. The disco stayed on though, and the support band unable to play partied on with the rest.  

P1020648.jpg (68199 bytes) P1020649.jpg (68582 bytes) P1020650.jpg (68794 bytes) krammer1.jpg (67400 bytes)

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P1020678.jpg (79576 bytes) P1020682.jpg (68751 bytes) P1020681.jpg (60502 bytes) P1020689.jpg (95606 bytes)

P1020691.jpg (83303 bytes) P1020696.jpg (78364 bytes) P1020697.jpg (68131 bytes) P1020699.jpg (66579 bytes) P1020700.jpg (79413 bytes)

The theme was “Valentines Day massacre” and gangsters and molls was the order of the day. To top it all Freak was presented with the best cart trophy for the BSH cart.  

P1020704.jpg (65128 bytes)

  What a great way to round up a day, and when people wonder about groups of bikers, why is it the Police were called twice to the hotel as the Hen night there resulted in two fights involving police.

A scenic route home via the dales I really must head back on the bike, what a glorious area.

Thanks to the Ribcrackers for a great weekend. And my big personal thanks to freak for building the Kart, and Lyne, Freak etc who pulled me from the wreckage.


  a big thank you to Womble and Krammer for the crash photographs (which have kept all my friends smiling) and Yoda for the gif


1. Bulldog 1, PIL, 34.03
2. Cock Strutters, Unwanted MCC, 35.81
3. Bulldog 2, PIL, 38.32
4. Jessified, Jessified, 39.07
5. Butts 1, GOYB MCC, 40.67
6. Le Mans, BSH, 41.21
7. The Ladyish Bug, PIL, 41.42
8. Butts 2, GOYB MCC, 45.19
9. DOJ'E, Shit For Brains, 45.74
10. Sheep Shagger 1, SOMMCC, 46.41
11. Ribs Jnrs, Ribcrackers, 47.91
12. Mel Mobile, Excalibur MCC, 48.33
13. Shoulder Charger, SOMMCC, 54.03
14. Up A Creek, PIL, 65.74
15. Team F1, Bikerlifestyle, 78.60
16. Fat Maggott, Fat Maggot, 78.97
17. Monkey Slaves, Ribcrackers, 1 run only
18. the Flaminator, Ali Bongos MCC, 1 run only
19. RHT 2, Robin Hood Trikers, DNF
19. Team Strapon, PIL, DNF

link to Ribcrackers mcc site http://www.ribcrackersmcc.co.uk/

More photographs on Yodas site http://www.bikerlifestyle.co.uk/Image/2007/soapbox/derby.html