Vintage speedway


 Vintage Speedway Reunion

High Beach , Epping Forest Essex Sun 18th February

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as seen in June 2007

More of a fact finding mission for me this one, as I will admit to knowing very little about speedway, but saw it advertised and thought could be interesting. As a fundraiser for the new Speedway museum to be built in Hertfordshire the closest Sunday to the 19th finds veteran racers and fans congregate in the forest. 

 It is generally acknowledged that Speedway started in the UK with the meeting on the 19th February 1928, this was held at a track behind the Kings Oak Public House. Two of the foremost Australian riders came across for this inaugural meet, speedway having started in Australia some 5 years before.

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 Every now and then the calm is shattered, by the staccato revving of one of these ancient machines. The Douglasís certainly were different to any of the Speedway bikes we know now. But ooh the sound and smells of the methanol powered beasts.

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In a room inside the pub were stalls with lots of memorabilia, programmes, badges etc it was a little snug, but trading seemed to be brisk. And for the members of the association a special meal was laid on. For us mere mortals tea and coffee, and as the temperature dropped I was glad of this.

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I bumped into one of the H.D.R.C.G.B  as well, so that was fun, I was glad to get back though as the temperature dropped fast.

sad though as i didnt manage to get a decent viewpoint for the QE II bridge, another time.

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