H.D.R.C.G.B events 2007

Pictures from Various Harley Davidson Riders Club GB events during the year

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Nov 4th

a beautiful autumn morning finds me meeting the Three Counties at west Meon. 

where there is also a meet by a American car group, so while the others scoffed I looked at cars, and then we headed off back to Farnham

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Sept 26th

Wow is it really that long since I have dropped down to Shoreham, so I led Vinnie and Martin there, despite their grumbles. yes i knew the way, and I enjoyed the ride. 

A lovely evening for a ride and a nice turn out.

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April 26th

a glorious spring evening tempted me down to the coast and the Coasters meeting at Shoreham

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April 1st

meeting at "The Pilgrim" Dorking

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March 14th

on a whim, I headed down to Herstmanceux in deepest Sussex to meet the coasters, a cracking night for riding

and a brilliant sight with so many bikes outside the pub

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February  4th

I'm getting worried about my navigational skills, today I headed for the far reaches of Surrey to meet the Three Counties Crew of the HDRCGB a very warm welcome from all, note to self, must not turn left from the pub ... lets just say it was scenic 

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January 13th Evening 

Sussex Coasters Christmas Party

my first introduction into the life of the H.D.R.C.G.B as I threw myself in at the deep end at their Christmas party

a nice intimate venue at the Heathfield rugby club hidden behind a pub, lots of friendly folk, nice grub (apparently this is important to the coasters) and small disco. The less said about Karaoke, and a disco playing "barbie girl" the better,

A nice night

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