HOG rides 2007



HOG rides 2007

Pictures from Various Surrey HOG rides during the year

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Dec 9th

HOG Christmas Cracker, Gothic themed Christmas Party at Bookham Grange Hotel

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October 14th

and Dave took us on a fantastic twisty route down to Hindhead, with autumn bringing a golden glow to the countryside a perfect ride

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July 18th

a lovely evening run around surreys lanes to the Royal oak at Abinger Slideshow here click back to exit slideshow

July 5th

well according to the website, which I checked after the evening it said no ride out if raining but it wasn't really raining but Boxhill was empty, it was nice to be back in the chapel bar at the Hautboy. 

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May 20th

a ride to Whitstable, I dropped in at Boxhill to see them off as I was on my way home from Creatures do

a few of the other bikes at Boxhill

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Hog Gather

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May 17th

The first of the summer club evening rides from Boxhill to Frankie and Bennies Bromley

a few Hotrods as well, a very pleasant evening

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April 29th

a beautiful day, just right for a ride down to the south coast

through Surrey and Sussex heath lands, the carpets of Bluebells were fantastic, some great new roads for me as well, some lovely Norman churches and more chalk carvings. A shame the pub was so crowded that the group got split, and some went to Brighton and some to Beachy Head. hence most of photographs at boxhill.

good fun.

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April 22nd 

On the way home from a rally in Oxfordshire, not far from the Harley Offices I briefly dropped into Godstone to see the Group off as they went on a tour to Kent and all places East

A snug fit in the car park as we shared the car park with a 2 stroke club, and some Hillman imps out enjoying the sunshine, home and bed then called

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click pictures above for video clips of bikes leaving 


April 6th 

Wheels day and Ace cafe link here 

April 1st

a ride down to Frankies and Bennies led by Howard

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February  25th

A last minute call from Surrey HOG for a ride to the Oakdene Cafe in Kent, A favourite Transport Cafe for Bikers in Kent.

A lovely ride led by Kevin down the A roads, to a big puddly carpark, and a packed Cafe, I can see why folk go there , the grub is great

and even with the wet weather it was very very busy, with families on day out for grub, Wednesdays in the summer it is meant to be the best days, I shall be back.

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January 7th 

Surrey HOG Breakfast ride . Just the three of us but a nice ride

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