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VSOC events 2007

Pictures from Various Virago Star Owners Club events during the year

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Dec 9th

C14 Christmas meal at the Well House, and doubly good as Tracy passed her test the same day

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Nov 8th

And the Rejects pyrotechnics at the well house went down well

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Sept 30th

And with a beautiful autumnal day I (yes me) led 9 others to the Bentley wild fowl collection

where there are also craft shops, a motor museum, with the most gorgeous Rolls Royce special.

mini steam trains as well, and then I led all back

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Aug 11th

A glorious sunny day and a ride down to Litlehampton led my yours truley

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some nice touches on this triumph seen at bury hill


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July 5th

club night and Nick presented Alex and Margaret with a cheque for 851 for his sponsored slim

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June 24th

this was meant to be a picnic run, oh boy was it raining, so it was home and a roast dinner

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June 20th

a beautiful long evening down the well house, tried my  bike without the screen, not sure i like it that way

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May 16th

a damp club night but a nice atmosphere, Julie and Nick got their 5 Year Patches, and Annya gave out some post wedding presents to Helpers

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May 13th 

a rather damp ride down to Llyd airport in Kent ( now called London Ashford international Airport) to meet the smugglers who didn't arrive. AJ then led us through to Rye for a cracking fish and chip meal, and then back. A damp wet run, but in good company great fun.

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April 18th

a glorious spring evening brought a good selection of bikes out, and Steve's now back to testing bikes 

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March 31st

a quick trip to Dunstable to see the Outriders prior to their party, meeting others in the local hotel

leaving prior to the main party

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March 25th 

I lead a ride out from Reigate to the Departure Lounge and back to the Well House

great success with 10 bikes and no u turns, no one lost either.. a good day out

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January 6th 

Steve's 50th Birthday party Lots more pictures on the Rejects site Link

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January 1st

Rejects ride from Boxhill, a good selection of Triumphs and other bikes there, and a mass of mad runners

more pictures on the VSOC link above

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