Days Out 2008 part 1


Days Out 2008 Part 1

January to May

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May 28th

this was meant to be a rideout, unfortunately the weather was against us

and I ended up Billy no mates at Newlands Corner 

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May 25th

Not a biking do, but mum and dads 50th Wedding Anniversary 

May 10th

and a brief drop into the local AMOC party, with dead camera batteries ooops

Hog Roast and live band great and meeting Friends


May 8th

meeting a mate for a swift half in Teddington saw this motor torpedo boat, different and apparently the last active MTB and the river in the sunshine, a lovely evening


May 7th

after driving down to Stockbridge in Hampshire to meet parents, I had a nice ride around the Surrey lanes, stopping briefly at BoxHill as well


May 4th

and on my way to Colchester, I went to Kent it was a planned diversion to an American diner at a garden centre after the party I ended up at the Club for a great 3 piece band called Headlines, playing many tracks by Clapton, Hendrix and the likes.


April 19th

and a trip to the Kempton autojumble to buy exhaust brackets found as ever a few nice bikes

April 18th

and the reason for bad running identified as cracked exhausts, removing it showed up my lack of mechanic skills, 

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April 9th

and a lovely Wednesday evening found me riding down to Loomies in 'ampshire to meet some of the Southampton and District MCC 

a brilliant ride back as well

April 5th

and sadly snow stopped play today but took a few pictures through the parks


March 22nd

not a biking thing but with the weather so bad, the sanctuary of the Working Mens Club Variety Show was a welcome relief from the snow and ice

March 16th

and me mates said if weather not too bad ride to Guildford

well it was only a steady rain, and you could tall spring only 5 days away as rain was warmer cafe was warmer still :)

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March 15th

and during a little wander round the surrey lanes, I came across the Sheila's wheels car at Reigate


March 4th

so I had a day off, sun was up sky was blue, so I headed off to play no great destination in mind but then had a stroke of inspiration
so I headed off to the most inhospitable place I know don't ask me why but i thought it would be nice to take pictures
I was tacking along the coast roads for some of it, and by the time I reached
where I really wanted, wonderful windswept buildings etc, it was blowing so hard I could hardly stand
took a couple of snaps and decided to leave it till later in year
I even put a jumper on, and relegated summer gloves to back of bike after a stop in the pretty town of Rye, and a perusal at an independent Harley dealer I headed home
now logically the sea should always have been on the left :) but I managed to have it all round :)
and then sleet, by the time I was home, about 180 miles I was chilled solid
slowly coming back to life now would I do it again, of course :)

February 21st

and down to Molesey again, this time for the B17's Brilliant

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February 17th

a lovely sunny day and so a short hop up to the Ace to meet a few others from the HDRCGB and admire a few of the bikes on Singles Sunday, the French version of the 59 club also visiting, a lovely sunny afternoon

February 10th

while at Boxhill awaiting the start of the ride out a load of exotic cars arrived


February 9th

The problem appears to be battery so a quick trip to Warrs for some spare parts, by Quick I mean getting very lost

here I met Dave and Steve who were trying Skirtsters, sorry Sportsters 


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February 3rd

and a chilly day, but hey, places to see, and go... so off I go, a brief stop at Boxhill and Newlands

and then poor Milly goes pop and stops, needing recovery, seems it may be fuel injection... we shall see

February 1st

26000 miles on the clock and another tyre is needed, so off to Guildford tyres , then a potter round the Surrey Lanes.

with a brief stop at Newlands Corner.

Bets being taken for how long the new tyres stay this white

Jan 24th

an evening ride out to Molesey to See Cat and the Hot tin Trio, they were Brilliant

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January 22nd

dont you just love days off in the week, went down to book my MOT and then a wander around, bikes are at Beakies.

January 20th

firstly a trip down to local american Car meet, then down to boxhill, 2 seperate slide shows


January 19th

and the first of the Kempton Autojumbles for 2008


January 14th

and Shaws Harley Davidson held a showcase at the winter gardens at Eastbourne, a very windy ride, but not too cold

met some friends, but still don't like the new roadking.