Review of year



End of Season’ish ramble


With the autumn leaves crunching underfoot, and the last of the big outdoor events behind us,(and I do not camp when cold)  however there is still the big bike show at the NEC to come and several Christmas functions, and the Motorhead concert. But it seems the right time to look back on what has been a pretty different year for me.

But what a year it has been, to say eventful has been an understatement

Ok during the weeks the weathers been changeable, but we have had some cracking weekends and evenings here in the south which has been great to be out riding in.


After a humungous service, MOT and repair bill for the bike at the beginning of the year I realised that this year I was going to have to pull my belt in a bit (stop sniggering at the back).

A few less rallies and the like and do far more things closer to home was the ultimate plan and still is with a few less Christmas events planned.

In a way it’s lucky that the South east is so full of events now.


Then my Dad went and got seriously ill, and I have to say a huge thanks to those that kept the positive vibes going so that was nearly 3 months of mixed weekends which sadly meant cancelling a few events also.

Dads now back to his same old self and home, so all is fine

Oh and I also became an uncle again, it’s been quite a family orientated year


My persistence also paid off in the spring and I had my first meet with Jane and we are now inseparable and it must be close to a year knowing her and this has resulted in us becoming engaged.

To say that’s changed a few things has been an understatement.

Luckily Jane loves the old cars and bikes, planes, traction engines, and banger racing and has even now been out on Milly so that’s great we are already looking at several events for 2010 (April May is already heavily booked) .


A few highs from 2009 in no particular order


A couple of days with Yoda when we went to Manchester show and Coventry (but not Yoda’s Snoring)

Seeing Freak arrive at George to Dragon rally on his chop on its shakedown run

My eventful weekend In Normandy at a new bike rally in June but it was sunny, even losing keys etc didn’t spoil it…

House sitting for my brother in Devon

Reading Triumph Show (first time but a definite for next year)

Freaks Birthday

Dial Post steam fair

Smallfield Banger Racing especially the final meet which was a serious grudge match

Bikersloft, Ypres and Bruge with HOG Group

Getting brave enough to walk over the glass floor of the spinnaker tower in Portsmouth

Janes first big trip on the bike to Popham bike day

Brighton speed trials (nutters)

New Years day and the 6 bells

Crazy Cavan at Crondall

Bumbiters party

Wings and Wheels


Chop and Rod show at Cobham

Exploring Norfolk and Wales a little more

Wheels day in the rain

The Medusa show (which promises to be bigger and better next year)

Cockney Rejects Rally.

Santapod Drag racing

Hots Rods and Krispey Kreme doughnuts


So even though I have not always been on the bike (only about 6000 miles this year, it has been really good fun

And looking at the calendar for 2010 its looking just as busy

Here’s to seeing you all again next year

Please keep sending the invites for events in … happy Riding… Ian