Walks 2011


Walks 2011

yes for those that know me this does say walks

in an effort to get fit, and while the weather is too horrid to play we have decided to

walk around some of this green and pleasant land that is England

and occasionally Cycle


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19th November

Out and about in Sussex

3rd August Downslink again

and since July I have made the cycle to work once, I was pooped

Dorking to Leatherhead 2nd July

"Wot no engine"


Polsyden Lacey 15 June


Cycle June 4th

Downslink from Horsham to Partridge green, and old railway track

Walk May 29th

Leith Hill Again, and found a beer festival 

but feeling lots fitter


Walk May 21st 


Cycle Horton Country Park Epsom

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Walk Richmond Park



April 24th

 cycling Shoreham to Worthing

April 22

Walk Boxhill

Feb 27th  

Walk Exemouth Devon



Feb 20th

Walk a flooded Cobham and Claremont Gardens Esher


Feb 19th

Walk Worthing on a very windy and wet day


Feb 12th

and a walk around the Silent Pool (Near Newlands Corner) Surrey

I had almost forgotten how Stunning this pool is


then more worrying this arrived at home (Broke it 2 days after)

Feb 4th

and a stroll round Broadwater Godalming

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Jan 16th a squelch along a flooded Boxhill

we didn't try and cross these


Jan 8th The Nower Dorking


Jan 2nd Leith Hill