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About Me.

So who is writing all this web pages, easy answer me, known normally as Ian, Bosun by many

Recently I have had the pleasure of having several articles and photographs published including: Back Street Heroes, Old Bike Mart,100% Biker,Streetfighters, American V and The Road

Also I have been lucky enough to have many photos published in magazines such as “In the wind” and “Easyriders” . Articles and Photographs in  various Owners Clubs magazines  (was editor for one group magazine for 5 years ) so obviously having fun and shoving camera lens at people is rewarding. Ok I admit I get a buzz from seeing them in magazines.

I have averaged over 50 events a year for the last couple of years

I have been riding bikes since I was 17, starting on a C70 much to parents disgust and I have  been taking photographs for even  longer.

From the good old Kodak camera with the square cube flash, having used all sorts of cameras (I have had more cameras than bikes) I am now a Nikon guy and all digital and learning everyday, always up for an interesting challenge.

I have a normal everyday job so if your event sounds fab, let me know in plenty of time so I can arrange a day off

see you out and about

Ride Safe


II also regularly update fliers and event information on my Facebook page and post occasional videos from events on Youtube