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So who is writing all this web pages, easy answer me, known normally as Ian, Bosun by many

Recently I have had the pleasure of having several articles published in Back Street Heroes and American V

 also many Owners Clubs magazines so obviously having fun and shoving camera lens at people is rewarding. 

I have averaged over 40 events a year for the last couple of years invites to events always gratefully

a bit of back ground history:

I have been riding bikes since I was 17, having fallen in love with mates DT175 at school, though I ended up with a Honda C70 purchased while parents were away, from Arthur Wheelers the local Honda Dealer.

I pushed it home as too afraid to ride it and learnt in our little road (dad fell off it first)

raw power.jpg (40788 bytes)

my first day

Passing my test on this marvellous machine I progressed to a CB250rs and then a wonderful 400 Superdream

this poor Superdream was much abused and I had my biggest ever smash on it in Belgium in 1985

baron silas.jpg (27461 bytes)cb400n.jpg (15089 bytes)

one of many paintjobs.. on a rockers run in 1986

at the grand old age of 25 I decided to buy a Bonneville, and I brought "Pogle" a UK spec Bonnie, who taught me roadside repairs, feeling flush I also brought a US spec Bonnie, sadly neither were reliable and I often had to press the Superdream back to life.

2 triumphs.jpg (26956 bytes) xv750.jpg (16392 bytes)

looking rich   xv750

however the unreliability was not helping my job, or the love life, so I brought a XV750 which promptly broke down and blew up a starter motor. So it was soon back to the Japanese multis and a c50

c50.jpg (18599 bytes) gpz550.jpg (37235 bytes) pink z.jpg (35223 bytes) z650 dartmoor.jpg (37805 bytes)

c50                gpz550              z650            on Dartmoor

At the ripe old age of 36 learnt to drive, then followed my worse six months of my life when I sold my sr250 ( a soulless bike, but a bike none the less) after blagging rides each week on my brothers bike, then a 650 Dragstar came my way, and I joined the VSOC (Virago Star Owners Club) and started travelling everywhere.

mount pingu.jpg (81821 bytes)

By the time I reached 40 I was single again but now possessed a 1100 Dragstar

bike at lake.jpg (69737 bytes)

by the lake in the Czech Republic

I have had more reliable bikes though and so in the spring of 2005 I traded up to my Roadking.

And I must say I am having the time of my life now.

and she was the main transport on my wedding day

me and bike at wheels.jpg (115286 bytes)

Millie on first day

I'm still an active member of the Harley Owners Group 

I can usually be seen running up and down the country.

for some reason in 2012 a BSA Bantam also sneaked into the stable

I must like unreliable bikes again  though now sold after too many breakdowns

See you out and about

Ride Safe Bosun