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Ah the joys of a September morning, still some of the sunshine from summer, but those soft tones of early Autumn coming in, which makes for a perfect country ride. Though I’m not so keen on the barrage of conkers and acorns which seem to make a beeline for the helmet. Then there’s the joy of the 2nd American Motorcycle Owners Club, charity show in Sussex to attend.

The first show had a buzz about it, and it seemed everyone had told everyone else about it as not long after the official start time of midday the street was rammed, and with the road outside also being a bus route led to great fun shuffling bikes and moving people. This being the first show locally to be on since 2020 BC (Before Covid) it brought out just about every local club and it was very very busy.

There were bikes of all sorts from 1950s 125cc BSA Bantams, still being used with L Plates by a young lady to V8 choppers and something for everyone in-between, well unless you wanted a rat bike as none of them. Hog roast, and the Willy Austin band who provided perfect soundtrack to the afternoon.

I was really pleased to see Matt Burberry’s new sportster chop, which was completer earlier in the year, but was making its maiden journey. Plain grey all over sounds a strange colour scheme but on such a minimal and low bike it is just right. It was constantly being studied and eventually picked up bike of the day.

The local chopper club arrived in style, and while I know Max may be deaf his surely is the loudest Chopper in the south east, poor Deano who was following couldn’t hear anyone all afternoon.

I had already mentioned the bantam, but the riders friend was on a regularly used FS1E and her brother rebuilding a tiger cub for his ride, this I found encouraging, and interestingly their friend on a Chinese 125 had more issues starting his bike than others.

Albie the Artist arrived on his pillar box on wheels scooter, which was also very admired, though the chance of a drag race through the village was declined.

Unfortunately, on such a nice day, when folk were enjoying a chance to ride, I missed out on the other winners as they couldn’t be found at prize giving time.   A lot of money was also raised for the Chestnut Tree foundation a local children’s charity.

Next year they plan on ensuring even more space for bikes is available, roll on more fun times

Good times

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