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As seen in issue 246 of 100% Biker

It is not unusual at events nowadays to have themed evenings, I know many rallies have fancy dress of an evening,70’s, back to school, Halloween etc and whether you like it or not I think it will continue for many a moon. I am pleased the urge for all hairy male bikers to dress up in girls dresses has eased off a bit, and that not just because my legs do not suit a dress. I also know that for some folk just finding “smart casual” attire would be classified as fancy dress but we shall quickly pass on that one.

There’s also a whole genre of other events now that are more specific for those who like dressing up, and these are the" Cosplay" events many of which are themed against TV shows, star trek etc or cartoon characters, where trophies are given for originality, authenticity etc

Now Apocalypticus is definitely a cross between the two as it celebrates the love of a mad max post-apocalyptic world including the vehicles and the styles, including a vehicle show and run on the Saturday. Sort of a bike car rally with attitiude.

Following the success of the inaugural event in 2017, which was partially run to find out how much interest there was in this kind of event, it was a very positive response. Now the small organising group took a major plunge found a new venue and built a whole barter town installation which has to be said is dedication. Moving from one old airfield site, to a new site, which is very close to the old secret Rocket Propulsion Establishment (which was so secret it wasn't on maps until the 1970's) which seems appropriate for such an event.

Sadly though despite our summer feeling like the wasteland of the films, by mid-September the costumes needed to be a bit more shall we say robust for an English autumn. And you may ask what about Bosun your erstwhile reporter, well yes he made an effort and found a hat and poncho which helps keep the old earoles warm and thus he didn’t look so out of place. I am always amazed at the time and effort people put into their costumes and vehicles though. it's an understatement to say people had upped their game this year with some fabulous costumes and vehicles.

A warm welcome despite some serious afternoon down pours and then it was off to get lost in the maze of passages and rooms in Barter Town. where all manner of oddities lurked, I know I missed some rooms and I thought I had looked everywhere. in the main arena there were  craftsmen and traders of all sorts of stuff. rooms of TV equipment, neat touches referring to the films and post apocalyptic events, there are definitely some very warped minds out there as well but brilliant minds. I was pleased this year that there were a few more places to sit as well. But be warned this has given Bosun an idea of some modification to his new bike.

To add to the fun there was a thunder dome arena where folk could battle it out after a impressive display by two warriors with real steel all watched on by a seriously cool motorised spider. Later In the evening there were bands on one of the coolest stages I have come across, well ok I am always impressed with flames, fire jugglers and all sorts.  and partying late into the night.

Saturday brought the biggy the road run a 40 mile road run round the wastelands of Buckinghamshire for the street legal vehicles it certainly was an eye-opener to some of the little villages. Despite the damp the partying carried on all afternoon and evening .

A fabulous event and plans for 2019 are already underway  but maybe earlier in the year whatout for announcements.