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It’s the weekend so a quick check, keys check, wallet check, vague idea where going, check, hand sanitizer and facemask for this brave new world check. At long last an event to attend, lets find out how different this will be.

ELK promotions normally run several motorcycle only classic events during the year at Ashford, Ardingly and Romsey with the added interest of an auto jumble. Sadly, due to the world wide lurgi, several classic shows were cancelled, and my diary was dwindling fast, and I needed an biking fix.

Thankfully Julie organiser and driving force behind ELK was not to be downhearted, with the announcement that outside boot fairs could run again she decided to take the plunge, stepped up to the plate and the usual one-day show became a two-day autojumble. This extension in time allowed for a smoother flow of customers and also gave the current traders a chance to buy and sell.

So here it is my first event this year and having watched the build up on social media I knew it would be well organised and safe, and it was even better in reality. You could pay entry by card or cash, and then sent to park in several areas, I went on the Sunday and there seemed as many bikes as usual. There was clearly marked directions for the halls and toilets and extra hand wash.

I felt comfortable, informed and although busy never felt as though was wrong. Now for those that know me know I have the mechanical skills of a cheese sandwich, but I love a good browse  around the bike parks and for bits I really do not need but had to have and to chat to friends also making the most of an event.

These events also give a good idea of future trends, at recent shows, and I believe on Saturday, there were 1970 style choppers to be found. While some British classics seem to have found a level in prices, 1970s and 80s Japanese bikes really are beginning to go up in value. Partially still for the continuing popularity for younger riders to find a bike to tinker, but also for those not so old riders looking for the bikes of their youth. Some of the bits which made me smile, a French moped with weird suspension, and a 1930s Enfield engine at 2300. There was also a rather nice Norton chop on one stall, an interesting bicycle made out of possibly a garden gate,

The friends I met all agreed it was good to be out, and all had a positive outlook on we will still be having fun this year. Reading the feedback, it seems most visitors appreciated all the efforts taken, and I certainly am glad to have supported a local enterprise and that someone stepped up to the plate and said, we can do this, not the same, but we shall do this. Thankyou to all the team who made it a good day.

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