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Despite this being the 18th running of this event, this is the first time I have organised myself to attend, that organised too that I had planned visits to two windmills one being the Wilsborough mill by the M20 for my turn off. This Mill also has a small museum dedicated to Norman Motorcycles which were built locally. Which if you have time is worth a stop and a nice tea shop too, however due to the remnants of Storm Katie I was running a bit late so did not stop this time.

Now being the curious sort I had to look up why we have such random names for the winter storms, and I found out the met office had an online poll, I am particularly interested about the jokes that arrive when storm Wendy comes, or will that be windy Wendy. Anyway I digress so back to the plot and elk promotion show:

ELK promotions run several motorcycle only classic events during the year at Ashford, Ardingley and Romsey many with the added interest of an auto jumble. Which much as though I love a classic show, Auto jumbling is fun and brings up some interesting bikes, I am personally amazed at how many chops survive from the late 70’s and early 80’s that have been . I have seen several I would love to give garage space too if only I didn’t have the mechanical knowledge of a cheese sandwich and more that £6.50 in the bank account.

Sadly due to the storm I was informed that it was quieter than usual, but this gave me more of a chance browse for bits I really do not need but had to have and to chat to friends from the Harley Davidsons Riders Club UK, Ray collecting parts for one of his projects and The Reject Brotherhood. Randomly too there was music by possibly the oldest rocker in town on the BSA stand it made me smile though.

My good deed for the day came when I helped an old boy strap a load of purchases to the rear of his bike. Like me he hadn’t planned to buy anything, and the random length of string I tend to have (my good lady calls it junk, I call it stuff that will find a use) saved the day.

With it still blowing a hooley I decided to avoid looking for the other mill and headed home on full tack.

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