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Attitude Cycles opening day

As seen in issue 221 of 100% biker

Attitude Cycles could not have asked for a better weekend to have an opening weekend at their new emporium in Southampton as it was the most gloriously sunny spring weekend the perfect day for a ride, bikes and fish and chips at the seaside.

Attitude Cycles have been around for many a moon now and grew out of Simon and Carter Harris’s passion for customising bikes and are well known in the South East for mass ride outs of the customs they build with all riders resplendently attired in their trademarked sparkly purple helmets (stop sniggering at the back).These helmets are currently stored in the eaves of the workshop like cocoons expecting to turn into bikers anyday. The bikes they build are used and abused including major trips abroad on hard tailed chops. Having ridden hard tails chops before fair play to the guys as I could only ever manage a few miles at a time.

They have now moved from a workshop unit to a superb new shop, which includes workshop, custom bike sales, parking and a grub van. They also have a small shop selling biker apparel and this I thought was well priced for hoodies, gloves helmets etc. It certainly is an impressive set up and the graffiti/painted artwork around the area is astounding, I look forward to heading back when not too busy to have a better look at this art. And with the sunshine there was a constant turnaround of bikes and visitors

Attitude cycles cover various genre of bike building but are best known for their long low and fat wheeled bikes. However in the workshop was the most amazing high necked Harley chop with cool metal flaked paint being finalised. The ever busy nefarious was also on hand to pinstripe anything he could lay his hands on as well.

The showroom was showcasing some of their best builds and a selection of new custom bikes which were for sale and yes there was one bike I would love to ride away on, low and rat styled but sadly it was too far from a Bosuns pocket to purchase (my current new bike fun standing at £6.55 two washers, some fluff and a conker, though it is a 99er) that’s the problem these shops give ideas all the time and that’s not a bad thing.

It’s great to hear of a new shop opening I am certain as much as we can be in this day and age that we shall see more and more from the chaps at Attitude and I look forward to that. The shop can be found at 2-4 Stoneham Lane, Southampton SO16 2NL

And yes we went then in search of fish and chips