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Now most folk know I am not a member of any club, I am a lot happier to ride along on my own and see the world as it comes. You would never find me with a lone wolf patch, which would be far too close to the next heinous step of a skull headlamp. No disrespect to folk with either but they are just not for Bosun. I have been a member of several owners clubs, but much prefer being me.

However I could possibly be persuaded to join a crew such as the Bad Wabbit Crew, which is not a bike club but a social club, which has a few bikers in it, who also like a beer or two or three. Mmmm beer well everyone needs a hobby. Its just a shame there are too many miles in-between

This must be an enjoyable do as this is the third time I have attended and it’s only their 5th shindig. The fact that it’s close to the seaside has an added advantage though this year due to an errr scenic route I never found the sea this may have been down to enjoying my other hobby beer the night before, and only on 3rd coffee.

The villagers once again had some of their superb builds, their cool twin lawn mower bike now being pulled by a homemade truck uber cool is not anywhere near the term to use for this and the builders just do it for fun.

The field of bikes was steadily filling up, with some friends bikes too, Jim had his very pretty black triumph (ultimately won best classic) Adam had his xj900 rat (which ultimately won the best in show) and Thomas won best rat with his interesting Honda.

The trophies as ever were superb and in some cases a challenge to carry home, sharpened hatchet for best chopper, as won by “the smiths” Lambreta was definitely one to be cautious with.

With quite a few different styles I am glad I wasn’t choosing a bike, though I loved the ratty scooter with a tank possibly my bike of the day, the two guys who arrived on Chinese step though had also been having fun, and had previously run them to morocco and Greece.

There was plenty of good beer though I stuck to coffee and pop, a relaxed atmosphere , not unlike a village fair with the charity stalls, and cake mmmm cake.

Music this year started later, which sadly I couldn’t stop for, and maybe my only grumble if any, some light music during the afternoon may have given the whole feeling a delightful ambiance, maybe a village brass band next year.

There is camping so next year already planned for June 17 I should stay over… we shall see


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