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Having read Blues write up of the Bike Sheds  soiree in the spring and that was it I wanted to go and thankfully those splendid people put a second show in the Autumn.  On one of the best riding days seen for ages I headed off at sparrows, A-Z in hand to deepest darkest London. And amazingly I did not get lost.

Being early meant I was a lucky one to squeeze into the limited secure parking. But at a small cost of £3 for parking and £5 for the show  I thought that very respectable for a London event and certainly for the quality of bikes on displays. the show is billed as a "continuing celebration of the cafe racer and brat style custom creative culture"

Now this was refreshing as most bikes were modified German and Japanese of the 70's and 80's and modified in ways we all wished we could have built then in the 1980's if only we had the knowhow, money and aptitude.

Lots of the bikes were also small capacity which was nice. but it was more than the bikes as there is a strong scene around this style of bikes. The show reflected this with clothing, lifestyle ideas and even specialist coiffurer for those who needed pampering after wearing a helmet or just an urge to remain dapper.

the show was held in the Shoreditch studios and each bike was displayed on a plinth which was refreshing.

For me the stand out bikes were the board track triumph 500 and the lovely virago in a unique style.

But venturing over the road to the bike park under the flyover there were more interesting bikes and graffitti and the most gorgeous BSA M20 ratbike.

It was steadily getting busier and busier but the atmosphere was still great and it was obvious the party was going to go on and on.. But sunshine like this in October only means one thing.. lets ride so I did only randomly to find steam traction engines chugging through London.

Plans are already underway for another do next May and that sounds fab but get there early its busy.


As seen in Back Street Heroes 357 January 2014


The Show

The car park