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As seen in issue 196 of 100% Biker

Ah the term scallywag, it’s a lovely word, rolls off the tongue with ease

The English dictionary defines scallywag as A person, typically a child, who behaves badly but in an amusingly mischievous rather than harmful way; a rascal.

Nautically it’s a good pirate term for a wrong doer and ne’r do well, so I dare say poor dear reader I may slip in some further piratical terms, and will try not to go lower than why are pirates called pirates? Because they aaaaaaaaaargh . I know I shall run far away before Blue gives me one of those looks.

With a fair wind behind (sorry curry last night) I made good sail to the south coast so here I am near the seaside for the Scallywags Bilgerat bash, which has to be said is a great name for an event. I had planned to wear a parrot on my shoulder for the occasion, but slim had already advised me that the BBQ would be good so I decided against it, and verily he told the truth.

The Scallywags are a Sussex Based group but as the members are spread out can rarely be pinned down to one location for their regular meets, though they do hold a great monthly meet in Horsham (2nd Thursday of each month at the Shelley Arms), so it was nice to see them all in one place.  

The Crabtree Inn, which sounds like a place to find buccaneers, and where do you find Bucaneers on the side of your bucanhead was already filling up, and so was the pavement and local road much to the amusement of several of the locals . Musical entertainment, sadly was not a selection of sea shanties and bawdy ditties but by a rock band headed by one of their very own, it was loud for early afternoon, but some well trousered folk were jigging along too them.

There was a bike show, with but two simple categories everyday ride bikes and customs and the winner chosen by public vote. I liked this idea as most varmits are proud of their rides so why not show them off. I have no idea who won but for me the most fun bike there was the scooter with the RD350 engine, made a glorious howl. It was also great to see so many younger riders at an event. The cost to enter a bike was but two pieces of Gold with the bounty heading for charity.

After a while it was fair snug to squishy outside but with the barometer dropping and rain starting I made hearty farewells and left the others to party on late into the night.  

There are already plans for Bilgerat do two… which sounds like a date for the diary already.