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As seen in issue 247 of 100% Biker

Well that’s a wrap, the third and final Bosuns Bike Bonanza. And why a wrap, well they say the best things come in threes, think of Bounty Bars, the fun boy three, three little pigs, the three degrees, three ring circuses, the three amigos and we are third rock from the sun and of course Triumph triples.

But its been a blast, a simple idea just to say thanks to all those I stick my camera at, seems to have grabbed everyone’s imagination. Find a pub, invite friends who quickly told others, add a few random prizes for bike of the hour (thanks to Mick for the idea of the Bosuns whistles), a landlord’s choice award and a rat bike award, though in all honesty I think people want the runners up Easter eggs more. I must say I have been overwhelmed by the support and attendance at these do’s.

The fact the pub has a thriving community of motorcyclists is cool too, and it holds several other events, becoming a bit of a mecca for classic and vintage fans helps too.

With the Bonanza scheduled to start at midday, I arrived early to find Yoda already there and several other bikes as Mark the landlord had been telling everyone it was an 11.30 start. We bodged the sign up and sat back and waited.

And as ever they came, from classics such as an Ariel Golden Arrow, a Kuboto diesel engine custom, Suzuki AP 50’s to Harley Chops all of which won prizes. The bike park was soon full, the burgers busily being eaten and huge smiles.  That is what the days about a huge eclectic mix of bikes and trikes.

Unfortunately, after two cracking years weather-wise, we had typical April spring like weather, with 4 seasons in an afternoon. the hailstorm just before three was particularly spectacular and many left, but the hardcore stayed on and had an ace afternoon. Of course, it would be wrong for us, to lay the blame on the hail storm on Ricky who persuaded Paul from “Clean my Ride” to clean her bike (we think first time ever) but we will and have.

The landlord’s choice went to a lovely RD250 and the Ratbike award (presented a bit early due to hail) to Bens Zombie Hunter. It was nice to see a few bikes still sporting trophies from previous years. It was lovely to see Matts new build as well a superb radical chop, with amazing paint by Stig, but he tells me this will pale into insignificance to his next build.

There was a collection for the pubs current charity which made £175 as well well done all.

Folk will now have to watch this space as to what Bosun does next. I promised my good lady it was the last one, but then I said the first was a one off. There may be something, it maybe different but similar, it may be the same  we shall see, watch this space as they say.

Yodas Photographs