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As seen issue 476 of BSH

Well, I know I said never again after 3 great events, but so many folk asked, and it was a special birthday I started considering another. Then one evening at another do Ken the fine landlord from the Selsey Arms suggested having a do at his place and so plan was on. Ken being a long term biker, and welcomes bikes with own designated parking space. The Selsey Arms is also well known for its food, and his burgers, sourced from a local butchers were superb.

While my actual birthday is April we picked a date in May in case of bad weather, this was fortuitous due to the awful wet start to this year which kept us on our toes all week. But come Saturday we were blessed with the first warm and sun filled day of the year.

With the sun coming out, so did the bikes, and there were already several clubs at the pub when I got there to set up, well by set up I mean bring in the trophies. The whole affair being very laid back and as much an excuse for folks to get out and about, and stop for a while, the venue being on some of the best riding roads in the south.

With two bike parks and several areas for sitting I have no idea how many folk dropped by, and this also became fun handing out my random bike of hour trophies. Being me these were random, and ranged from Steve’s 1934 race Norton which he uses on the road after a push start, which he’s taking to isle of man later this year. Matts low sportster chop got one. An insane turbo Honda X4 had to have one, a sweet Suzuki bobber got another and a lush 1980s Kawasaki with gold scrolled paint another. There were several Rat bikes vying for the trophy, and after lot of pondering, sadly martin had just left on his triumph chop, a black Yamaha thing won, with much praise from other ratters. After I spotted a random one with closed rear wheel, which would have been a contender.

Ken had arranged. for a great local band to play “Throbbin Hood” who played a fun mix of tunes for a sunny afternoon and got many dancing. It was also nice to hear so many say, only heard about it the last few days (they should read events in BSH as been there for ages) but as I didn’t push the event and some saw it in the morning and used it as a stop on way to another show following day.

As the day progressed many happy folk headed off, with shouts of “see you next year” err does this mean I shall have to do it again? A massive thanks to all at the Selsey Arms for their tototal numbers who knows and who cares, easily over 150 a brilliant fun day thanks all .

3 albums of photos and a short video