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Back in March I visited the Salon de Pecquencourt in France, a motorcycle event which overtakes the whole town and I thought at the time wouldn’t it be cool if something like that was in the UK the closest I knew being Calne or Hastings, but not in quite the same way as road still open.

Back to present time, which is nearly lunchtime in early August the phone flashes and mistress blue sends a missive “what are you doing on the 14th I am committed to another show and would you like to go to the Brackley Festival of Motorcycling? It’s cool the whole town is bikes and there will be tea and biscuits.” Looking at my diary I realised I had 4 events to go to but no commitments or promises of tea and biscuits “Ok” I said and then wondered where the heck Brackley is. Realising it’s nearly the midlands I asked Yoda our erstwhile Birmingham freelancer who would be at the Bulldog “No idea mate but at least she is not sending you to Coventry” he said helpful as ever and makes me wonder why I call him a friend.

And so bright and early on a Sunday, I pointed my trusty steed north’ish via the joys of the M25 and surprisingly for me found the town easily, and the parking for bikes, which sadly was further out than car parking.

The Brackley Festival of Motorcycles has been running for 9 years now, and from the initial idea of a small gathering is now the largest gathering of its kind with representation of every genre of motorcycle.

Now much as though I am a petrol head modern sports bikes leave me a bit cold, however older race bikes with their clatter and bangs are fun and despite it being display runs around the short circuit that was created by closing off the roads some of the riders were giving it the beans. sadly I didn't get to see the glorious twin engine triumph sidecar race in anger, but it sounded ace.

If watching moving bikes was not your scene most manufacturers had a stand somewhere, and then there was a cool custom section with some ace builders and ride in bike show. V twin customs also managed to bring together 3 XR1000 Harleys which begged to be thrashed round the circuit.

The standard was good too and a couple of gorgeous triumphs one black and one blue  stole the show for me , well those and a cool rat style creation which was very long and low.

There was almost a tidal surge of people walking around and soon I was swept up in the flow and found myself watching the superb Arial display by the  stunt riders and amazed by the ingenuity of the  classic bike riders one of which has squeezed a RG500 engine into a bantam frame madness of the best British style.

If you fancy a great day out with lots of cool stuff do check the festival out next year you will not be disappointed.



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