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As seen issue 467 of Back Street Heroes

They say that moving home is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, so after a week of moving boxes and stuff for my mother-in-law I was in need of release. We all know laughter is the best medicine, so an invite from Sanzaru to their Breach of the Peace rally, who I was told had booked the excellent smacked arse comedy club, was very welcome.

The Breach of the peace rally is held in the rather excellent and scenic Fort Purbrook overlooking Portsmouth. One of the forts built in 1870 to protect Portsmouth. During WW1 Fort Purbrook was armed with anti-aircraft guns and thereafter was used as a siege artillery barracks. The army left the site in 1925, and since it has been used as an ambulance base, a barracks and a centre for civil defence, housing the 65th Chemical Warfare Company in 1940, whose responsibilities included preparing for possible nuclear attack. Throughout all these years, Fort Purbrook, thankfully, never faced enemy attack, it is now an activity centre. Sadly, a lot of the walls are now closed off.

The rallies now in its seventh year and brings a crowd from far and wide, in fact the furthest travelled came the Isle of Skye which is 650 miles one way and it wasn’t his first visit.

The smiles started early in the afternoon, there was the traditional dousing of rally virgins, did someone mention chemical warfare (thank goodness for real showers) and silly games (the infamous frozen t shirts) prior to the comedy.

There was as bike show with a good selection of bikes, and I really loved the modified bicycles, the lad who created them was having a right laugh even as the exhaust fell off in the entrance. There was gorgeous Kawasaki GPZ in mat black which looked mean just sitting there, and would have been my choice to ride home (my way of deciding favourite bike) Though I rather liked the Ducati café racer.

As the Sanzaru are big sponsors of NABD, they asked the smacked arse comedy club along, compered by a steadily getting mellow Rick Hulse who was making a dent in a box of cider. Now I think most were a bit wary of Rick and his comedy friends as most tried to hide on the field, not that this helped. Any stress I had previously had soon went. A great way to spend the afternoon. And prepared me well for helping to move other family members the week after.

During the rally they raised another £932 for NABD well done all.