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A great day in Brighton for the annual charity event

Two albums of photos


Ah Autumn the season of mist and mellow fruitfulness, my favourite time of year, but as this year started wet and cold so did the chest infections, the call went out, well more of a cough and splutter, from Blue 100% towers is on its knees with infection are you well enough to go, I coughed almost enough to lose a lung in response and said yes. Brightona is one of those events I try never to miss and I wasn’t going to let lurgi stop me. Now in its 11th year I have made 9 of the events, which is testament to an enjoyable event.


Started by Abby Gouldin following a visit to hospital for heart problems it is held in aid of the Brighton Heart charity (shame not respiratory) it’s always one of those events to be at, and kind of a big swansong of the season for many local clubs to get together. Visitors are requested to give a £5 charity donation the collection point also makes a great vantage point to look at the myriad styles of bikes arriving.


Closed off to all but motorcycles Maderia drive once again was regaled with the sort of sunshine Brightona can bring in also hosts one of the best custom bike gatherings organised by Harrison Billet, in the South East, I for one was very glad I was not judging the show this year, even with 100% biker sponsoring Best Trike and Best Chop. The changeable weather in the week up to the show may have meant there were not quite so many bikes on display but the quality was brilliant including several by Lamb engineering and the gorgeous white Honda xl600 which not only won kickback in September, but came 5th in the AMD custom finals.


With bands, merchandise and club tents, along with all the bikes, it is a very nice way to spend the day. Abby treated the mayor of Brighton to a tour down the drive on his trike behind the tub thumpers a manic set of drummers.


Smiles and lots of friendliness was the order of the day and it was great to see so many friends. But also for a change a little bit of light shopping as after 9 ½ years I have sold my trusty steed “Milly” and bought a brand new Bonneville roll on the 12th year of this event and riding down on my new bike.Rather than waffle on, enjoy the photographs.



Article in issue 192 of 100% Biker