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“I went I saw I did a little shopping”

On a very chilly Saturday morning I headed west to the Bath and west Show ground for the Bristol Classic Bike show.

Even early on there were full bike and car parks, but we were quickly and professionally parked.

As ever I started wandering around the bike park, before heading in to the show.

The gates were busy, and I completely forgot to pick up a plan or the venue.

Despite the cutting wind, the traders were doing a brisk trade, and great to see spike after a few years. There were steady queues at the hot food vans, and there were several projects I would have loved to have brought.

After a while I ventured into one of several halls, and was amazed at how far some clubs had come to show off their bikes. Also being 120 miles from home there were many bikes I have not seen.

I loved the trick Katana, the Scott, a sweet green Triumph and many more from a SS50.

Talking of trick bikes the V Twin panther which I have seen before is still a stop you in the tracks bike, and is obviously well used.

One of the best things with classic shows is the way clubs try to make the best stands, from maypoles, turntables to dancing teapots all makes for a great visual spectical.

I then entered one of the main trading sheds, where for a change and some money in my pocket, a small shopping trip began, nice to see Paul from clean my ride, and I got caught chatting for ages.

Realising I needed to head off to visit an Elderly Aunt who lives locally who had promised afternoon Tea I had to was as left I realised I had missed one hall all together,I wish I had picked up that map. .