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As seen in issue 228 of 100% Biker

On a weekend where the calendar was not just busy but bulging, but when payday is 3 days away it was a decision time on which event to attend and I needed to go out for a ride. Shaking the bikes tank it seemed quite full, I dug out my emergency tenner (well a bike show is an emergency) the queen blinking in the sunlight the note being tucked away in secret place for so long and waterproofs as the lady on the radio promised showers. So Kent became the plan for various reasons I haven’t been to Kent for a while, I thought I knew the way and I have never been to Broken Arrow event before and a tenner should cover the day.

Remember I said I thought I knew the way well Kent I am sure has its own map maker who has an evil streak as the signs for the village may have said a mile and a half, so why did it take half an hour and 15 miles at least down some of the narrowest roads I have ever been on to find the village. Somehow finding the show was easier and a very warm welcome from the Medway Natives MCC and coughed up half of my tenner.

Sadly by now the weather was getting greyer and it may have been this that kept the bikes numbers down, that or because it was a very busy weekend and lots of choice. Someone suggested custom bikes do not come out in the wet, I disagree but then I have mudguards on my bike which avoid the rain flying up or rooster tails.

But those there were partying well. The band in the afternoon was a nice change as they played mainly modern covers which were spot on for the day, well until an errant shower provided some interesting accompaniment as it hit the mixing desk. The cheek of the burger van owner who was at the DDD last year who asked if I always brought rain to Kent, It wasn’t my fault.

A sort of ranch feel was made with lots of hay bales to sit on which were neat and very comfy and so chatting with folk it was between showers having found a nice spot under gazebo. Watching the hardy few come in.

But after a while the showers started to become more persistent and after my efforts finding the place I made a fond farewell donned full wets and headed off, and the lady may have said showers but this was full on monsoon. yuck! Due to sneaking away I do not know results for those winning the cool trophies apart from the Vmax trike from Trojan Trike Club which won best trike.

I eventually splashed indoors with the tank just on reserve after 150 miles and still had £4 in pocket result a much needed trip out.