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Who says romance isn’t dead, suggesting to my good lady a romantic weekend away in Dublin was a result rewarded with a big smile and oooh yes sounds lovely. it was then I let her know about the bike show going on, but already she was happily dreaming of Guinness and Irish stew and booking a room above a pub and getting cheap flights, we were set.

Held in the palatial surroundings of the Royal Dublin Society (RDS) arena, which is part of the campus for the RDS which was formed in the 1700’s for improving Husbandry, Manufactures and other Useful Arts. Useful arts, that would be shiny painted motorcycles them, and the husbandry the pretty parts that we could add to these fine steeds from the manufacturers present. Pretty accurate and incredible as the RDS was created over a hundred years before the invention of a motorcycle. The whole complex also has room for horse events, rugby and concerts.

Held every two years this is a jewel of a show in the emerald isle, (though I must admit to not having been to any others). it had superb custom bikes, many new bikes from dealers, stunt show, grasstrack and a huge warm irish welcome.

a fabulous weekend