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As seen in issue 255 of 100% Biker

Its been too long since the dynamic duo caused chaos, so realising yodadiddly was going to chops and props only 18miles from another event I had frequented, and at a place I knew where it was. it was too good a reason not to go.

Also, being a chopper club event and at the Shuttlesworth collection, an aircraft collection, it was bound to be cool and Yoda had said it’s a fab do (but then we know his odd idea of fab). Also, being at an airdrome I went as ever hopeful that someone would arrive with a rotary aircraft engine bike like some I have seen photos of in the states, or even half a merlin engine bike like built in the 80’s in Australia.

So once again the dynamic duo ride again, or should that be flies undone as has planes and close to Biggleswade. First chaos of the day as ever came when making my way from where I was staying as it took better part of 2 hours, well I was distracted by the thought of a windmill nearby and then got proper lost. On arriving I nearly ran Yoda over who was busy snapping away and distracted at something sparkly.

First thoughts were this was busy and a very impressive turn out, but the bikes and cool cars kept coming in, and more and more rows added which meant we were running, well walking fast all over the place to keep looking at the next wow factor bike. All the while I was thinking I’m glad I am not judging this lot as had no idea how judges kept up. The power of chaos that we can cause also worked in the coffee queue while we were waiting , where one poor customer after a very long wait managed to drop a full cup.

To also entertain there were the delicious sound of Melanie May singing giving a perfect soundtrack to the afternoon. If that wasn’t enough there were and old biplanes taking off and microlights meaning, there was always something to watch. We were kept so busy that we didn’t get to look around the aircraft collection maybe next time.

Sadly, while I could not find a rotary engine bike to drool over, please someone make one in the UK, the standard of bikes was superb. Plenty of true chops, especially with the current fondness for reimaging of the 70’s style, some incredible paint jobs, and quirky engineering and a captain America style sportster too.  There was a good turn out of everyday bikes and learners too which is always positive. It was nice to see the Salvador Harley chop again, which although now several years old still has amazing paint. Talking of amazing paint and survivors we also had the pleasure of two classic paint jobs on the Bullitt Mustang and French Connection cars, both I recall from Ally Pally car show days far too long ago.

For me the twin turbo Suzuki was the loony bike of the day but looked so usable. Bike I would have ridden home well it would be a flip up between the tidy blue triumph bobber which is so perfect or the cracked glaze orange and white Harley chop that looked like a real survivor.  

The winners all had neat bits of checker tape added to indicate they had won and not to run away with presentations made in a winner’s enclosure. A fab day out, perfect venue, great vehicles and   a superb way to spend a day.

We shall draw a veil over the homeward journey when heading south I found myself on northbound M1, I shall blame Yoda I always do.