2006 review


So here we are one week to Christmas, Just back from a toy run in Portsmouth, and so my planned trips for the year come to an end. only 2 weeks to the new year and we start all over again .

Well what a year it has been

Hot and sunny, then damp then back to hot and sunny, with more great riding weekends than we have had in many a year.

Certainly for me it has been one of the best biking years I have ever had, with more smiles per mile than ever. Although I haven’t managed any VSOC Rallies, mostly down to doctor’s orders I have still notched up just under 8,000 miles, and the years not over yet. But I have only missed two ride outs and had lots of fun. I have attended quite a few HOG rides, Parties and my first HOG Rally.

With a mix of owner’s clubs events, one day events, Forum events (I’m in several online biker forums) rallies and parties it has made for a varied old year, with some unexpected surprises, highlights for me include:

January 1st Ride out, a great turnout

Blatting around the deserted south coast in January on my own

100% Biker Forum gathering at Arncott

Pioneer run, in the sun,

 New forest in the sun

Dartmoor at Easter with Rejects and friends, it was damp, but what a great set of memories.

Then almost 2 months of not being able to ride, I was going ga ga, and the less said about padlocking front mudguards the better

Celebrating the doctors saying I could get back on the bike with a ride to Norfolk, a 400 mile round trip

Starting this website in July, which as I write has had 137,341 hits, not bad for 6 months, this has led to submitting photographs to both Back Street heroes and 100% Biker hopefully being paid for both.

A wet run to Calne Motorcycle day near Swindon and the Siobhathon a charity event near Bedford on the same day.  

silbury hill.jpg (118877 bytes)

Ace Café NCC Chopper day

Sharons Birthday party

Annyas Birthday party

Nutley Fete

Reaching Lands End, and thus completing John o Groats to Lands end within a year, on the same bike  

lands end 2.jpg (329093 bytes)

Ali Bongos  “show us your bongo’s” a brilliant party, sadly now they are disbanding

And wherever you go the Friends, VSOC and  HOG seem to be everywhere  

Day trip to France

The Mabon rally, a must on my diary for 2007


A trip to the triumph factory with centre 12 of the vsoc 

and to end two great toy  runs

And the list can go on no weekend is without something somewhere


Basically its been great, and already 2007 is building up, with events in France, Bedford and Oxford penned in

Keep you eyes on the diaries and keep those wheels rolling

To help you plan 2007 I have created a 2007  calendar just for you, print off, punch 2 holes and hang where you will, link here.

Happy riding



My favourite picture of the year, Littleport in Suffolk

littleport 4.jpg (95671 bytes)