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Brooklands Bike Bonanza, 17th September 2006

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Seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness, no give me Castrol R and Methanol any day.

And that is exactly what was on the menu at Brooklands Bike Bonanza, a celebration of the Brooklands bikes that used to aim for “Gold Stars” on the notorious banked circuit.

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Sadly most of the banking is no longer safe to drive on, well it is one hundred years old next year, so the bikes are bounced, wobbled and thrashed around the short circuit, which means round the back of the car sheds, and past the bicycle racks. Considering the combined age of the bikes and rider it was surprising how enthusiastic the course was taken, and according to the leaflet, this was not a race, no one told Sammy Miller, or sidecar mounted, sausage roll munching, 93 year old Dennis Loveday, a veteran Gold star holder.

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If I had to pick a favourite bike it would have to be the Cotton earls Jap, complete with the obligatory Brooklands can, really more of a noise megaphone than a silencer. It was definitely a bike built for a purpose, we shall even let it off its brown colour.

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The Rockers rode in from the Ace Café, the sun shone and so did the smiles on the faces of all there, especially the ice cream van owner. A very civilised (and quieter) lunchtime gave time to wander around the exhibits and explore Brooklands “The birthplace of British motor sport" as they say. With aircraft, including Number 4 Concorde, it’s a petrol heads paradise.

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The peace of lunch once more shattered by more parading of bikes, and finishing with climbs of test hill.

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Brooklands has activities throughout the year more details on their website