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Surrey HOG Ride-outs 2006

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March 5th Little Hampton

The first HOG ride out I had managed to make this year, yes I do feel guilty, so much so I was at the dealership ages before anyone,  so on a crisp, sunny day 7 bikes headed off to Littlehampton, Steve taking up the rear even though running in his brand spanking new Roadking Classic (a good choice I must say ) but with 1550 conversion and extra goodies.

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After a stop for food it was time for a stroll on the beach and then we were met by another 6 Bikes, including a few from the New Forest

as the others left I headed off to grab another couple of ABC places (photos here) and also the Jack and Jill windmills above Brighton

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A good Day out.

April 8th Ogri Cafe

a glorious sunny spring morning and a small team of us blasted down to the Ogri Cafe at Horam, where we were met by a few others from Hastings

leaving the others I nipped off to get some camping stuff for next weekends escapades, the views over London from the downs were spectacular

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May 28th New Forest Ride

Sadly not able to ride on this one But short clip of video of all the bikes leaving the dealership here

Link here


June 11th Whitstable Run

 A fantastically Sunny day, and with the OK to ride the bike ( as long as I'm careful) which is a first for 6 weeks. I head off on a dented Millie (Never try to ride off with padlock still on front wheel oops) to Boxhill 

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Meeting at Box hill it was nice to see lots of bikes arriving. There was a lot of other interesting machinery around, including some neat Hot Rod Ford Pops and thankfully none of the silly brigade playing their silly tricks. The sun was scorching and it was brilliant just strolling around. 

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Video clip of bikes leaving BoxHill Here 

Dik kept the start time reasonably punctual and they all headed off in the sunshine for the coast. I headed off to grab another ABC of Touring landmark and to find the elusive Pyrford standing stone, which I have ridden past twice before. link here

I am now really looking forward to the rest of the season.

 June 17th St Bedes school Send

Just a pleasant afternoon with the bikes letting the visitors at the fair have a wander around and a look

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July 29th Surrey Hills Ride

with a family BBQ the night before and a Family Meal at lunch time for my little brothers 40th Birthday, I just found time to nip down to Boxhill to see all the others off,

As ever a good array of bikes at Box Hill, and a lot of older bikes, CB900's and RD350's etc

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so while mark led them off, just as a row of Fiat 126'2 came in, I wandered around and headed back for a liquid lunch, and roast beef

there was also this rather gorgeous Jag there, slowly overheating.

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August 13th 15th Anniversay Do

Sadly the event was called off due to incredibly poor weather and will now be Sun 20th which sadly I missed as on holidays

Boxhill 13 aug.JPG (163622 bytes)


Monday 28th  Festival of Transport, Hellingly

by invite of the Hastings 1066 chapter we attended the Hellingly Festival of transport, and they kindly provided a BBQ.

a rich and varied selection of vehicles, and more steam engines than at a steam fair, a cracking ride down by Dik as well.

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November 19th Little Hampton "toast on the coast"

it was to say a tad parky at Box hill at 9am ( an ungodly hour) and the fellow on the BMW by me stated it had warmed up 1'c mmmm lovely.

By 9.30 there were 6 hardly fools awaiting Andy to decide where to go, so Littlehampton it was, a damp and foggy ride there but we were greeted by warm sun and ice creams at Littlehampton.

a short walk on the beach, and a great ride back, I detoured down some of the Surrey Lanes as the day had turned into a cracker. Really think I need a new tyre soon though

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