The end of Summer Bash

September 16th 2006

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 With autumn really making its presence known, through country lanes decorated with hues of brown and gold I headed to the Pilgrim Pub and the American Motorcycle Owners Club End of Summer bash.

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 For the first year in many it was dry, infact the best description of the weather could be could be muggy.

 Relieved of a fiver for entry, the smell of a hog roast caught me nostrils, though that would not be ready until the evening. But other comestibles were available for the peckish until then.

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 The Car park was fast filling up with good quality bikes, some I have seen around, including the gorgeous triumph, but some nice new bikes to ogle.

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Strolling around with a beer/coffee seemed the thing to do, so I followed suite.

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 As ever the bikes in the main parking area were as interesting as those in the show, this one just cried out for me to take it home, though I do not think Milly would be too pleased.

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 With David Bowie and Focus playing over the sound system, it really was a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

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I never got to hear the Bands set for the evening, or the winners of the custom show, as I started a blinding headache, so headed home.

A great little show