Ace Café Brighton Burn-up

Saturday 10th September

It was one of those glorious starts to an autumn day, cool and a bit of an autumn nip in the air.

Meeting friends at Reigate, I led the 6 other bikes down to Brighton, using the “scooter route” a lovely route away from the motorway, with useful sign posts (so i didn't get lost) as ever there were several broken down scooters on the side of the road.

Reaching Brighton we saw some space on the pavement, and aimed for it, where-by the police pointed us to other areas, they had spent a while ticketing bikes as well, for blocking access. We moved on and found parking elsewhere

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The reason it seemed for this chaos, is there is a new barricaded area/roadway down Madeira drive, which more than anything else impeded on the enjoyment of the day. And would not be good for disabled people in my opinion.

This made it even more cramped to look at bikes, stalls etc, and those I spoke to agreed also.

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Amazingly we did meet up with others at the pier as agreed, but we soon split as we did seperate investigations of the stalls and bikes. As ever there were some great groups playing as well, sadly I didn’t see Crazy Cavan.

This scooter was rather neat with an interesting line in barbed wire.

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the barriers also made you walk for what seemed like miles before you could cross the road, a real shame if you saw something over the other side of the road, thankfully I found a cooling Ale to rescue flagging feet

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Just as i was about to wilt and then I saw the bike of the day, a cracking Triumph TT special with a really neat disc brake conversion.

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Flagging in the heat I headed off to find my bike ( easier said than done) I had a very spirited ride back up the motorway.

Will I go next year? Depends on the police plans I suppose.