October 8th

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After the success of last yearís inaugural event in aid of the Brighton Heart Support Trust, I really looked forward to another trip to the sea- side.

Blessed once again with the kind of late summer/autumn sunshine that makes our country so special, an enthusiastic blast down the motorways and bus lanes soon found me parked up near the stage.

It certainly does seem to be the place to be seen, I met friends and acquaintances from all over the country. Being in a couple of Owners Clubs and frequenting forums does seem to mean lots of people to chat to.

There were a reasonable amount of stalls, but the music and bikes were the main attraction. I caught a couple of rather good Rock n roll bands, and Iím always in awe of those people that can jive properly.

Another fantastic event, and shall I be back next year, you just try and stop me.

This was going to be a long report on how perfect a day can be , but I think on this occasion I shall leave the pictures to do the talking.

Click here for a Video clip of a few bikes


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the great escape theme bike had great paintwork

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