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Loaded up with the essentials (18 Hot cross buns and not enough crème eggs) I met the other 9 intrepid travellers at Reigate where after a quick cuppa and a bacon butties we hit the bank holiday congested motorways, and rain, to say I was impressed at Keith’s new trailer and its filtering ability is an understatement. in total8 bikes in total 1 x 1100 Virago, 3x 1100 Draggie's, 1x Royal star with trailer, 2 BMW's ( Paul forgot to MOT the Wildie) and my Harley   

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Just as Dave “Stabilisers” Kenway was about to give up we eventually reached Popham Services (they were closed) and so we continued filtering past Stonehenge until Paul “Hop along" Wells (intrepid ride leader) decided to look for fuel. the Organised ride out now started a casual disorganisation.

Minor chaos ensued as the  group headed off in all directions North,  South,  East and West, Dave's bike was so confused that he needed to let it rest against Paul's, I think its some sort of BMW bonding ritual.

Eventually all fuelled up and after meeting up with Bill Bear (those Axemen get everywhere) we decided to push the last 100 miles or so to Princetown. A better run ensued, and we arrived at cream tea o clock, meeting some old scout friends from Epsom at the same time. We booked in the tents and went to find not too boggy an area to erect then. Ruth, AJ, Nick and July meanwhile headed for the warmth of the Bunkhouse

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I strode off to the top of the Camping area where the ground was firmer even if on a slope. Jim then decided to ride up the slippery path on his brand new draggie, a feet he did with ease, while certain people who shall be nameless from C12 with off road BMW's ended up on their backside and in the hedge.

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Tents up ( marquees and king size divans for some ) it was down for a meal, and an pleasant evening chatting and conversing friend old and new ( my sister in law also arrived for the weekend) and with the very pleasant bar staff.

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a reasonably early night for all, Saturday morning and the bleary eyed bunch ( though one mad fool went Jogging) struggled in for breakfast, strolled around local shops, hunted airbed eating moles (king size divan now a Lilo) went to take pictures of the prison etc, then at 12 we all headed off to the moors first to "The Peter Tavey" a very nice Gastro pub and then off to Post bridge an ancient clatter bridge.

In a shop not unlike "League of Gentlemen"  a takeaway cream tea hit the spot.

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Back to the pub and my brother arrived, which confused some, ( well we were celebrating our birthday) and another very convivial evening.

Sunday and I'm awake at stupid o clock so I distribute the few eggs Easter bunny style brew a tea and sit watching the fog get heavier and heavier. I manage to lose all of my luggage into relatives cars Result .

Most of us were heading off to other friends or home on Sunday. After another pleasant breakfast and I was the first to head off across the moors in the fog gingerly to Exmouth, and my brothers. 

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video clip of Jim travelling over the moors 

Thankfully once off the moors the fog lifted and I spent the next couple of days playing through Devon and Dorset collecting more of the ABC of touring signs  


A great weekend


 PS and amazingly AJ actually agreed with Paul on a subject.