Days Out 2006


A collection of general pictures from various Travels

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Saturday 28th January

A few of the bikes seen at Kempton Auto jumble 

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Friday January 13th

A day off from work a reasonable day weather wise, and I fancied some sea air.

 so it was down to Brighton, then along the coast, stopping at the Longman at Wilmington and then Home.

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April 18th

ride back from Dartmoor as on own took a scenic route

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June 29th

Meeting Phil and friends at local just a short ride down to the bike meet at the Pointz and then off to the Cardinal Wolsey for rock and roll music. a very pleasant evening. And playing with "black and white mode worked well.

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June 30th

just a short ride out through Surrey and Sussex a very scenic route, taking several more abc pics on the way

Ranmore church and the view from Box Hill

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Video Clip of riding through Sussex Click here


August 19th

Kempton Auto jumble as ever a large selection of different bikes in the car park, and several bikes temptingly for sale on the stalls,

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September 9th

Day trip to France with Tony,  his first time to St Omer and he was impressed, a gloriously sunny day, we got there in time to wander around the market, and a nice lunch.

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October 1st Dorking Boots fair

a rather damp morning, and a quieter event than usual possibly due to weather, and maybe because the shop has gone, nothing persuaded any money out of me this time.

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October 14th

and after an out of the blue message from Freak, a pleasant evening spent in the Bell inn Stow on the Wold, with Forum members from Bikerlifestyle and 100% and then enjoyed the hospitality by Freak and Kerri, (Pete does an ace breakfast)

thanks for the great evening folks

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Pumpkins 13th Oct

a nice sunny afternoon out, so off to find Pumpkins prior to Halloween

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Middlefarm Apple Festival 22 Oct

a bit different this one, a apple festival at Middlefarm near Lewes in East Sussex, the celebration of the apple mainly seemed to be Cider, with dancing, food, a fair ground, and music tent, oh and plenty of real ale, a nice way to spend a day.

Pictured here, are friends john and Lou and their Huntersmoon Morris men.

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October 28th, on my way through to the Ace, The Cenotaph London

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November 4th

Another Autojumble at Kempton, I sooo liked the Triumph with Sportster Tank

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Nov 25

having started to worry about the state of my tyres , I headed out on a foul windy day for a new set (which need to be washed to remove the blue)

on the way back there was a tempest of biblical proportions, I snapped these couple of snaps at Horsley Towers before the floods hit

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Dec 9th

the floods having receded for a moment  I headed off for the Kempton Auto jumble

It was packed with queues going to enter back miles from turnstiles, apparently the gates were opened an hour early as well , the Panther Owners Club turned up enmass I decided  not to queue, and enjoyed a ride to Putney.

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at Putney I reached riverside, an aladins cave of Harley stuff, thank goodness I did not have my credit card on me

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a very scenic route back, and started to get ready for tonight's HOG party and tomorrows Toy run.