south east show



South East Motorcycle show

Sat 30th September 2006


So there I stood at Reigate like "Billy no mates", we had had a fantastic thunderstorm during the early morning but I was sure some other club members would come and play. Sadly no, so I decided to go anyway.

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The South East Motorcycle show, held at Detling in Kent, is a new one for me, though it has been running for many years. You could tell by the level of planning as we were directed to the hard standing for bikes.

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Inside the huge halls were all manner of stall, some regulars (hunter leathers) and some new. Autoproud were sponsoring the bike show, and there seemed categories for everything that has 2 or 3 wheels.

There were a couple of stand out machines for me, the Bunster an angular monument to the metal workers art,

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the little Essex Choppers Bike,

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and a Suzuki trike in the car park.

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Outside there was the Kangaroo kid, doing his best in the mud to scare the viewers with tricks on his quad. There were even quads for the kids, and fairground type rides.

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A small food village was doing a roaring trade. With the dark clouds running in again 

I headed home missing any rain until walking home from the garage.

Hopefully next year I can show the others what they missed