Freaks Barbecue


Saturday 8th July

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Typical it had been a glorious week up until the 8th, but then who plans a BBQ when its Wimbledon tennis finals. But however there was a BBQ invite for forum members at Freaks and I wasn't going to miss it.

Bike loaded up with the bare essentials, tent and case of beer,  and off I go into the wild blue yonder. Once off the motorways and it was a lovely pootle through picturesque Oxfordshire villages, and some great views.

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The old mill at Chipping Norton is an incredible looking building, and only a few miles away from the Rollright Stones which I intended to visit on my way home.

One double back having stupidly leaving gloves on back seat of bike and riding off oops and I was almost there, I was just about to take another picture for the ABC of Touring contest when Santa whisked past, hoping he may know where the BBQ was I quickly followed.

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Within a mere blink of an eye  we were pulling up at the camping area, so tents up (Marquee in Santa's case) it was off to say hi to our host. while Spike and Ernie played at Jigsaw puzzles with Ernie's Bargain tent.

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Freak was already busy by the BBQ and Yoda made an impressively noisy entrance, Beccy's Car was commandered by some for more supplies, and then we all just started to relax and chill.

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As well as Forum members there were members of local clubs as well, including a couple of very interesting bikes. Toad turned up with a second BBQ (but no bolts) and also a very strange brew which was about 130% proof I think.

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The whole affair was in Freaks works warehouse, with Creatures disco providing backing sounds. The sack scales seemed to find much amusement and proved Freak is the lightest of the fatblokes.

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Womble lancs was presented with "The gift" and the party was in full swing, some it seems had been partying already for the day, (Hows the head today Alice?) and bodies were even seen dancing, including me.

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Jay tried playing Daleks with the gifts latest addition, though I think the gift won.

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It was the small hours of the morning as we helped a tired Ernie back to his tent, and I left the hardened few partying on.

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Sunday morning and I didn't feel too bad though I wasn't too impressed by the rain, or the strong winds, loading up I was one of the earlier departures, and completely forgot to look for the Rollright stones, oh well another time. I did find a couple more signs though, and the Harley Davidson  UK office for another point.

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A great night out.