July 1st


Ace Cafe Diamond Day and Chinnor Bike day

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Original plan for this weekend was to be at an owners club rally, but various reasons meant just a day out

First idea was just to ride up to the Ace cafe for "Diamond day" the National Chopper Club show, and to meet Yoda and Blue.

I have no idea how hot the south east was to day, but it was blistering, and the tarmac was very sticky, poor Milly really didn't enjoy getting through south London either. But I was soon at the Ace and found Blue and Yoda pretty quick.

There was some amazing machinery on show and of all sorts, which was nice.

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have to say this Chop looked so uncomfortable to ride, and the rider seemed pleased to get off

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Nice to see a selection of British based chops and engines of all sorts

yes I went into black and white mode again

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every inch of space was used for parking

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the last bike with the WWI photograph mural was probably my favourite

Video clip of outside the Ace

The heat was incredible though and so I decided to head off to pastures new, and I had heard of "Chinnor Bike Day" near Thame in Oxfordshire, and so I said my fair wells and headed off up the A40 to find the Show. Possibly due to the heat, or more likely due to a sporting event in Germany the roads were quiet, and in no time I found Chinnor.

Being an impulse decision I did not know the exact location, and locals think it fun to remove the signs, and indeed turn round the actual sign for Chinno, a quick ask and I was going the right way.

The location is a big open field, but with a stage for bands and stalls all around, including a beer tent, it made for a nice central arena. so grabbing an ice-cream I started strolling around.

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I soon found out where the majority of Orange Dragstars were sold too, as there were several on the field, and indeed orange was the colour of my favourite bike a little BSA.

chinnor 5.jpg (129643 bytes)chinnor 7.jpg (123289 bytes)chinnor 6.jpg (136327 bytes)

There was a good turn out of British bikes all round

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The show was to carry on into the evening, but already beginning to look like a lobster I headed home.

Another great day out